Accuracy counts when quoting LTL shipments.

February 22, 2019

Before making any LTL shipping decisions, you have to weigh your options and compare prices. You also have to think of what comes next and how you can make this process easier. When it comes to LTL shipping, Freightquote by C.H. Robinson strives to do just that. Our mission is to provide quality service and rates that competitors can't match, and that starts with the information we offer before your freight is even on the truck.

We continue to focus on making everything that comes with LTL shipping more straightforward and less time-consuming for you because we understand the struggle of finding the best rate. To help get you there, we are going to highlight the importance of collecting accurate shipping information.

The need for accurate information when shipping via LTL.

By collecting accurate shipping information, you effectively remove grey areas that might arise while discussing rates with your freight service provider. Here are four important questions that you will need to answer in order to do just that.


  • Have you shipped this item before?

    This is the first question that needs answering. If the answer is yes, all you need to do is check your logs and share the listed freight class with potential freight service providers. Sharing this information will expedite the process of finding the best rate possible. If you haven’t shipped the item before, there are more questions for you to answer. 


    What are the dimensions of your freight and how much does it weigh?

    The logistics of putting an LTL shipment together can slow down business efficiency, and listing incorrect dimensions will set you back. Start with the weight of the shipment to the nearest pound, considering packaging. Next, record the height, width, and depth to the nearest inch or centimeter.


    How is your shipment packaged?

    Once you determine your shipment’s dimensions, make note of its packaging. Since shippers might be combining multiple forms of packaging into one shipment, it’s on you to provide visibility into your expectations. Make a point to clarify whether you will be using pallets, boxes, crates, drums or any other packaging.


    Do you need any additional services?

    Before your freight service provider executes a shipment, determine whether additional services are going to be required. These services include, but aren’t limited too, lift gates, inside delivery and hazardous material handling.


The more you know, the better the quote.

Protecting yourself against unexpected charges can be easy. Gathering the above information before you move forward with LTL shipping will help ensure that your final bill matches the quote you were given – with no surprises! 

Once you answer these questions and have a firm grip on your shipment’s details, you will have everything you need to make prudent shipping decisions. Learn more about why gathering accurate information when preparing LTL shipments matters. Visit our about page today if you want to learn more about Freightquote’s powerful and easy-to-use online self-service shipping tools.


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