How to Get Started with Freightquote by C.H. Robinson

Shipping freight is easy and fast when you ship with Freightquote by C.H. Robinson. Learn how to use this streamlined shipping service and self-service quoting tool.

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small business

Big Help for Small Business

Learn how Freightquote is a big help for small business freight shipping and can help business keep up with the complexity of shipping freight.

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Accuracy Counts When Quoting LTL Freight Shipments

Accuracy counts when quoting LTL freight shipments. Watch our video to learn how correct dimensions, weight and packaging are essential to an accurate and smooth quoting process.

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Video: How a Rate Contract can Beat Seasonality

Supply and demand often fluctuate. Learn how a rate contract can help combat the seasonal fluctuations that often put pressure on small business shippers.

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The freedom to move freight your way.

Helping people and businesses ship their freight is what we do best. Learn a bit about the way we do business.

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Proper Freight Packaging: Blocking and Bracing of Pallets

Proper freight packaging includes balancing and securing your shipments. Blocking and bracing of pallets are recommended methods that can help you secure your freight for shipping.

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Proper Freight Packaging: Banding and Stretch Wrapping of Pallets

Banding and stretch wrapping of pallets are essential to preserving your shipment's integrity. Find out how to properly secure and package your freight by watching this video.

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Proper Packaging: Crating Pallets and Stacking

Crating and stacking pallets is an essential part of shipping. Learn how to crate, stack and choose the right pallet for your freight by watching our video on proper packaging.

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Freight Shipping Has Never Been This Easy

Learn how Freightquote's self-service tools and helpful services make freight shipping easier than ever for small businesses like yours.

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Featured case study.

We solved for our customer’s specific needs by combining the power of our technology with the expertise of our people.

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Freight shipping how-to.

Expert freight shipping tips and fast, easy tools to help you ship freight.

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