How to choose a freight carrier | Freightquote video

How to Choose a Freight Carrier

When you get quotes from multiple carriers, choose one with confidence based on your freight, timeline, and budget.

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Accurate Freight Quote video thumbnail

How to Get an Accurate Quote

Discover tips to getting accurate quotes every time. Hint: You can avoid unnecessary costs by providing precise shipment details—not estimates.

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Creative ways to calculate freight weight video thumbnail

Creative Ways to Calculate Freight Weight

It’s possible to get precise weight measurements even without a dedicated freight scale. This video shows you how to get creative.

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How to get started with Freightquote video thumbnail

How to Get Started with Freightquote

By watching this video you'll learn how our easy quoting and freight shipping process can help you save money and time.

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Big help for small busines video thumbnail

Big Help for Small Business

Watch our video to learn how Freightquote helps small businesses get great rates, convenient tools and intuitive solutions to common freight challenges.

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Accurate freight quotes matter in LTL video thumbnail

Accuracy Counts in LTL

To get an accurate quote you need to provide accurate information. This video explains why we ask for certain information when you create a quote.

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Freight shipping with Freightquote has never been this easy video thumbnail

Freight Shipping Has Never Been This Easy

In this video you'll learn all about how Freightquote's services and free quoting tool result in a great price and a hassle-free process.

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The freedom to move freight your way video thumbnail

The Freedom to Move Freight Your Way

You have freight to ship. We have the technology you need to get it there on time and on budget. Discover just how easy it is in this video.

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How a Rate Contract can Beat Seasonality video thumbnail

How a Rate Contract can Beat Seasonality

Considering a rate contract? Entering into a rate contract can help a business when searching for capacity and lower rates during times of fluctuation whenever the market shifts.

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Properly creating and stacking freight shipping pallets video thumbnail

Crating Pallets and Stacking

Carriers often prefer palletized loads because it helps them maximize space inside their trailer, making the shipping process more convenient for both parties.

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Properly banding and stretch wrapping freight pallets video thumbnail

Banding and Stretch Wrapping of Pallets

Properly securing your items on a pallet is essential. Typically, this is accomplished with bands or shrink wrap.

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Blocking and bracing of shipping pallets video thumbnail

Blocking and Bracing of Pallets

When prepping your items on a pallet, it’s important to ensure that they are properly balanced and secured in place.

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