Customer success story: Finding Freightquote led to significant cost and time savings

February 29, 2024
“What converted us as customers was the well-designed interface and the ease of generating a quote without even having an account. In an industry that is generally lagging in technology, this was a real game-changer in coordinating our shipments.”
Kelly Brown, Administrative Manager with Fulfilled with Love

Meet Fulfilled with Love

Fulfilled with Love, a growing e-commerce company, distributes consumer products online primarily through Amazon, as well as other retail platforms. They specialize in a wide variety of consumer goods from kitchenware to cosmetics.

Freight shipping challenges

With a focus on scaling their business, Fulfilled with Love’s key priority was coordinating and streamlining their shipping process. With suppliers located in every corner of the U.S., it was critical to create an organized flow of inventory into their warehouse and out to their fulfillment centers and customers. Having the ability to receive shipments from multiple locations throughout the United States at any given time is absolutely crucial to keep inventory flowing and keep their business moving.

More efficient freight shipping

“We worked with freight companies directly and they are generally not the most efficient businesses to work with,” said Kelly Brown, Administrative Manager with Fulfilled with Love. “The process of working directly with them without Freightquote® was much more time consuming, especially when it came to coordinating the details of the shipment and processing payment. In addition, if there is an issue working directly with freight companies, their customer service does not dissect the issue and come to a resolution but instead have a predetermined resolution."

When searching for alternative freight shipping options, Fulfilled with Love was immediately impressed by Freightquote’s ease of use. Being able to get quotes in seconds, without having to first create an account, was hugely beneficial for this busy ecommerce company. After obtaining that initial quote, Fulfilled with Love kept returning to quote and book shipments with Freightquote, coming to rely on not only the simple, easy-to-use interface, but also the competitive pricing, multiple carrier options all in one place, and the ability to cover the entire United States with ease.

Streamlined shipping, expert support

Freightquote was able to provide Fulfilled with Love with a simple, streamlined experience they couldn’t replicate working with freight companies directly. Irregularity of loads from various originating facilities, as well as unpredictable times for the requested pickups of those loads can be par for the course with any small ecommerce business. Quoting and booking with Freightquote helped to manage much of this irregularity, providing them with better pricing, as well as a more efficient way to get their freight moving and coordinate the details of their many shipments.

“Freightquote was extremely streamlined, efficient, and simple. A few clicks and just minutes later, we had everything processed on,” said Brown. “Being a small business, we are very grateful to leverage the discounted rate that C.H. Robinson can secure for us that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to negotiate given our volume.”

Past challenges with customer service also helped set Freightquote apart from previous shipping experiences. Working directly with freight companies left Fulfilled with Love’s team without an efficient means of communicating changes or resolving issues that arose during shipping. Freightquote offered a different approach, with helpful customer service experts ready to work with carriers to analyze, arbitrate, and solve potential problems.

“Knowing we have people to ensure everything runs smoothly and hold our carriers accountable is incredibly valuable to the operations of our business. It’s just one more reason why we prefer the seamless experience of Freightquote over working with carriers directly.”

Small business shipping made simple

"In conclusion, we are very much appreciative of Freightquote. Its streamlined interface has really helped grow our small business and saves us a lot of money and time. It still surprises us how easily we can coordinate everything and do not take it for granted."

Fulfilled with Love is one of many thriving small businesses that rely on Freightquote to simplify their freight shipping. If you’re a small business owner looking to streamline your shipping efforts, try our self-service tool today and see just how easy shipping can be.

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