Accuracy Counts in LTL

Accuracy Counts When Quoting LTL Freight Shipments

To get an accurate quote you need to provide accurate information. This video explains why we ask for certain information when you create a quote – and why it’s important to get as close as you can to exact dimensions and weight. The video also explains how accurate information can help you get a better quote by determining the special services you may need.

Here's a short list of what you'll need to receive an LTL shipment quote from Freightquote:

  • Freight dimensions to the nearest inch or centimeter
  • Freight weight to the nearest pound
  • Accurate information on freight packaging
  • Additional or specialized services needed

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With LTL, or less than truckload shipping, you're essentially renting space on a trailer along with a lot of other shipments so it only makes sense that rates are based on your shipment's size and weight. To give you the most accurate quotes possible carriers need to have information up front about your shipment.

The first question you should ask is "Have I shipped this item before?" If so, search you’re records for the freight class. Including freight class offers the most accurate quotes. If you don't know the class, that's still okay. Taking a few minutes to find out the following information about your shipment can help ensure your final bill matches your quote.

First off, how is your shipment packaged; pallets, boxes, crates, drums, tubes or something else entirely? How much does it weigh, including packaging, to the nearest pound? What are the dimensions to the closest inch or centimeter? And finally, will you need any additional services like lift gates, inside delivery or hazardous material handling?

That's it! The more you know before you ship, the better your quote will be. Visit 24 hours a day, seven days a week to start your next shipping quote.