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Freight class and density calculator

Determining the right freight class can save you both time and money. We’ve created an easy-to-use calculator to help you choose the right freight class and accurately plan your shipment.

Why do you need to know your freight’s density? Based on a shipment's dimensions and weight, density is one factor that influences freight classification. Typically, a shipment with lower density has a higher freight classification. Calculate your freight class here:

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Freight class reference chart.

Freight Density (in lbs per cubic foot) Freight Class
Less than 1 400
1 but less than 2 300
2 but less than 4 250
4 but less than 6 175
6 but less than 8 125
8 but less than 10 100
10 but less than 12 92.5
12 but less than 15 85
15 but less than 22.5 70
22.5 but less than 30 65
Over 30 60

How to determine freight class.

Freight class is based on four factors.

1. Density: The space the items take up in the trailer and their weight factor into the density calculation.

2. Stowability: Items that are more difficult to store will be given a higher freight class. This includes shipments that might be hazardous or very heavy.

3. Handling: Any freight that requires special handling could be assigned a higher class.

4. Liability: Perishable freight or freight that could be easily damaged will be designated a higher freight class.

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