Unlock shipping savings with Freightquote Rewards

June 20, 2024

Running a small business is extremely rewarding, but we know it can also come with big challenges. If you’re feeling the pinch of economic concerns like inflation, you’re not alone! In fact about 76% of small businesses say supply chain issues are impacting their businesses1, and 88% say they are feeling the effects of inflation2. As a small business advocate, we understand the importance of supporting small businesses as they navigate these challenges.

To show our support and appreciation for the small business community, Freightquote® is excited to launch a first-of-its-kind Rewards program, offering additional benefits to an already seamless experience for digital shippers. We know that, with many loyalty programs, the rewards you earn can be underwhelming, or redeeming what you’ve earned can be tricky. But we’re giving small business customers what they need: a chance to save money on their shipments with a program that’s free to join and easy to use.

You're already shipping, so why not earn shipping rewards while you're at it?

Freightquote Rewards is here to thank our loyal customers by helping you cut costs on freight shipping. It's a game-changer for small businesses, offering you the chance to save on every qualifying shipment, whether it’s across town or across the country. Think of it as a frequent flyer program for your freight—only it’s so much easier to use and redeem.

Our platform is already the go-to for booking freight at unbeatable rates, backed by our Low Price Guarantee and top-notch carriers. For small businesses where every dollar counts, we’ve made it even simpler to save on shipping with a program tailored just for you.

How to join Freightquote Rewards to save on shipping

Joining Freightquote Rewards is as easy as 1,2,3—or should we say 1,2, free? There’s no cost to join, it’s open to new and existing Freightquote customers, and it couldn’t be simpler to sign up. Here’s how it’s done.

Enroll to start earning shipping rewards

Freightquote Rewards is free and open to all Freightquote by C.H. Robinson customers. All you have to do is create a Freightquote account, or sign in to your account, and join right from your dashboard.

Freightquote rewards enrollment dashboard screenshot

Ship to get freight discounts on future bookings

With Freightquote Rewards, you can start shipping and start saving right away. In fact, you’ll earn $20 on your first less-than-truckload (LTL) or truckload shipment! Once you’ve signed up and booked your first shipment, $20 will be added to your Rewards account as soon as your shipment delivers.

Save when you redeem your loyalty program benefits

When you quote and book another LTL or truckload shipment you can easily apply your Rewards Dollars at booking, instantly reducing the price you pay.

Freightquote shipping rewards program checkout screen

But the savings don’t stop there. After your 3rd Rewards shipment is completed, you’ll earn $40. After your 5th shipment, another $40! You can keep watching those savings stack up for the LTL and truckload shipments you book. And you can log in to your Freightquote customer dashboard and check your Rewards progress at any time.

Freightquote rewards dashboard screenshot

Ship more, save more with Freightquote Rewards

With Freightquote Rewards, your loyalty pays off—literally! The more you ship, the more you save. It’s that simple. As you continue to use Freightquote for your shipping needs, you’ll accumulate Dollar Rewards that can be redeemed for discounts on future shipments. This means the more you use our services, the more cost-effective they become.

Every small business has different needs when it comes to freight shipping. With Freightquote Rewards, you earn Rewards Dollars for your shipments regardless of when you book them.

Get even more freight shipping rewards

Discounts on future shipments aren’t the only thing members of Freightquote Rewards get. You deserve the VIP treatment, so this loyalty program designed especially for small business shippers has some extra perks. Members can enjoy additional, exclusive benefits like holiday promotions and more. These promotions can be used alongside your Rewards Dollars. Just check your Freightquote dashboard for offers, and make sure to check out our full Terms & Conditions for rules.

Save when you ship with Freightquote

Calling all small business shippers, Freightquote is here for YOU! Whether that’s with our exclusive loyalty program created with small businesses in mind, or with content that helps you get ship done. If you have questions about small business freight shipping, our experts are on standby via chat to help out.

And if you want to brush up on all things LTL shipping, we can help with that too. Check out our videos and blogs for more on LTL, as well as other topics to help keep your freight moving. And when you’re ready to ship, Freightquote is here with the info you need on how to get accurate quotes, seamless shipments, and real-time updates about your freight.

Save more with Freightquote Rewards