How to Get an Accurate Quote

How to Get an Accurate Quote: Calculate Freight

Calculating shipping costs can be straightforward. This video shows that it’s all about how precise your shipment details are when requesting a quote.

  • Be sure to include packaging when providing dimensions and weight
  • Know where you’re picking up and delivering—including what truck access is available
  • Make sure your driver has all the details by giving them the bill of lading when they arrive

So next time, before you calculate and quote, get all your information ready to save you from unnecessary hassle and fees.

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With Freightquote by C.H. Robinson, receiving an instant shipping quote is easy. You can avoid costly fees with accurate quotes based on precise shipment details—not estimates.

Be sure to use exact dimensions and weight measurements that include all packaging. If your shipment weighs more or takes up more space than the carrier expects, your actual shipping costs will be higher than quoted.

Type of location—and truck access—can play a big role in your quote. Knowing these details ahead of time helps Freightquote match you with the right carriers and equipment.

With all your information at hand, quoting and booking is simple. Give the driver your Freightquote bill of lading at pickup. We provide this when you order. The BOL confirms services, delivery location, and billing information, saving you from unnecessary hassle and fees.

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