How to Block and Brace Shipping Pallets

How to Properly Package Pallets: Blocking & Bracing

When prepping your items on a pallet, it’s important to ensure that they are properly balanced and secured in place. Proper bracing and blocking can help protect your freight from shock and vibration, which reduces the chance of damage to your shipment. In this video, you'll learn how to properly block and brace items on a pallet.

Here are some quick tips that can help you properly secure your freight to a pallet the next time you have a shipment to send:

  • Use only sturdy pallets the full length of your shipment.
  • Add bracing securely fastened to pallet if necessary.
  • Label fragile freight so carriers know to use extra care.

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[Onscreen Text: Proper Packaging – Freight Tips from the Pros]

Sarah Thompson: I'm Sarah Thompson with Freightquote, and I'm joined with Ryan Baldi, terminal manager for Dayton Freight. He's here to go through the dos and don’ts of proper freight packing. Ready to go Ryan?

Ryan Baldi: Let's go!

[Onscreen Text: Blocking and Bracing]

Thompson: Most shipments will have shock and vibration throughout the shipping process. They will need some form of cushioning. Ryan, what do we have here?

Baldi: Well, not every freight is perfect and it can't walk on and off the trailer. But as a shipper you can make the best out of any opportunity. What the shipper did is they made a shelving unit, they have everything secured on the corners both sides, they have everything secured really really tight. The wrap goes all the way to the top, securing everything in. [They] left it visible, and that way there's going to be some extra precautions doing that.

Thompson: And what is this over here?

Baldi: They gave us a shipment, they told us we're going to forklift it from there, but they put it on some really light wood. This shipment here is 1000lbs, the wood broke under the pressure of the product because all [they did] was bolt it down to two pieces of wood on the front and back. What they should have done is taken the actual pallet, that had a flat surface, then they could have bolted it down the same way and then even taken some extra precaution and put some straps on it. Because of the wood breaking, what had happened is everything shifted and it tilted.

Thompson: Okay. Over here it looks like we have something that's pretty long, so what do you suggest on something like this?

Baldi: Really what they did here, with the pallet, it goes all the way, the full length of the shipment. There's no overhang, they used some pretty heavy duty cardboard on the outside of it. They also give you some good warning labels for glass, and do not top load, with some additional shrink wrap around the cardboard to keep it secure, as well as tape. The wood has been nailed in on all four sides and up top, but it's an open crate so there's still a visual, so whoever is moving it can take extra precaution with it.

Thompson: Ryan, thank you for your time today [talking about blocking and bracing shipments]. We really appreciate it.

Baldi: My pleasure!

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