How to Lower Your LTL Freight Rates

Strategies to lower shipping costs

No matter your budget for less than truckload (LTL) service, there are always opportunities to save on costs. This video shows four simple, cost-effective strategies that can help you save on shipping:

  • Choose strategic origins and destinations
  • Consolidate packaging when possible
  • Get accurate dimensions and weight
  • Find ways to reduce or eliminate extra services

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When you ship with Freightquote you already get multiple rate options along with our lowest price guarantee. But there are more strategies to help lower your price even further.

Choose strategic origins and destinations. Bring freight to a terminal and eliminate a portion of the journey—and associated costs. If a terminal is out of the question, starting and/or ending at a business rather than a home can also lower costs. Consolidate packaging when possible. Shipping five boxes is more expensive than one standard-sized pallet containing five boxes. Get accurate dimensions and weight. Be sure to include packaging in your measurements. Find ways to reduce or eliminate extra services for loading and unloading. Renting a forklift may be more cost effective for loading than choosing a carrier with special equipment.

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