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Canada freight shipping

As you prepare for the cross-border freight shipping process, you’ll encounter things like commercial invoices, cargo liability limitations and customs clearance. When shipping your freight with us, you’ll have access to the resources you need to conquer the unknown and simplify shipping north of the border.


Benefits of using Freightquote for cross-border shipping.

  • Choose and compare rates from a number of contract carriers
  • Work with our team of experts to navigate cross-border shipping obstacles
  • Select a customs broker and automate the entire process
  • Pay for your freight in U.S. or Canadian currency

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U.S. - Canada Freight Shipping FAQs
Can a shipper or importer do anything additionally to help expedite the border-crossing process?
Yes, before shipping a product for the first time, provide all available information about the product, its components and manufacturing process to your customs broker. 
Where will my shipment cross the border?
Canada and the U.S. have roughly 120 border-crossing locations between the two countries. Your carrier will make the crossing determination with your customs broker. 
Is cargo liability handled differently in Canada?
Canadian law limits a carrier’s liability for intra-Canadian shipments to $2 CAD per pound unless otherwise agreed in writing with the carrier on a per-shipment basis.  Be sure you understand this limitation and consider taking steps to protect against the risks it may pose if your freight value exceeds the limitation, including the use of insurance.
What is a customs broker?
A customs broker is responsible for the calculation and payment of duties and taxes that are due when a shipment clears the border. They facilitate the communication between the importers, freight carriers, warehouse providers and government agencies. Typically, this involves obtaining, preparing and presenting the necessary customs release documentation to customs authorities. 
What documentation does a Canadian/U.S. shipper need to provide?
The minimum required documentation includes a Commercial or Canadian invoice and Bill of Lading. You’ll provide these to the carrier at the time of pick up. If additional information is required, your customs broker can help you prepare the documents. 
Is Freightquote a customs broker?
Freightquote is a not a customs broker. However, we can organize the brokerage with our integrated resources or we will work with the customs broker of your choice. 
What are import duties and taxes and how are they configured?
Customs authority will use the shipments declared value, along with a description of the goods, to determine duties and taxes. Import taxes are assigned by province and may apply to all imports entering the country. 

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