Why freight service providers are best for distribution center logistics.

November 7, 2018

For the thousands of distribution centers in the United States, effective management of inbound and outbound logistics is the key to success. As millions of goods are warehoused, sorted and distributed each shipment in or out is crucial in keeping the supply chain moving.

For those managing distribution centers, as well as those that ship to and from these centers, a freight service provider offers benefits that can help streamline operations. From operational support to delivery flexibility, freight service providers are able to provide guidance every step of the way. Keep reading to learn more about how your small business strategy can be transformed with the help of a freight service provider.


The best contract carrier for each lane inbound and outbound.

A freight service provider can connect you with multiple options in your shipping lanes. This gives you the flexibility to pick the price, service level and delivery times that meet the objectives and standards of the distribution center. This can be especially helpful for small and medium-sized business shippers, since the extra support will allow you to devote more time to other aspects of your day-to-day. 

Additionally, many distribution centers have a preferred or exclusive list of carriers. A freight service provider can accommodate a distribution center’s preferred carriers to avoid delays and/or additional fees. If the distribution center’s processes and carriers aren’t utilized it can create delays for vendors to get their products to market.


Preferred freight mode solution.

Depending on which part of the country you’re moving freight to and from, and the distance your products are traveling, it might make sense to use shipping modes. A freight service provider can offer you LTL, truckload, partial truckload and intermodal options all at once, so you can easily make a decision on the shipping mode that gets your freight to or from the distribution center when you need it.


Operational support team.

When it comes to backing you beyond booking your shipment, freight service providers offer helpful support for your business. If you need assistance in confirming dock hours or scheduling appointments at a distribution center, they have dedicated teams in place to help you manage the logistics details. 

Freight services have experts available to act as a liaison between the contract carrier and the distribution center. They can set delivery appointments, hire lumpers and update delivery status. You'll have complete visibility of your shipment and all of the specialized services and potential freight accessorial fees that go along with it.


Delivery flexibility and options.

Some distribution centers, especially retail-based centers, have adopted overnight delivery hours. Working with a freight service gives you access to all of the contract carriers for that distribution center that can work in these hours and can advise you of the pitfalls of delivering too early or too late. 

They can leverage their knowledge of specific distribution centers to help you meet the requirements of that operation. Each distribution center has its own set of regulations and working with an experienced freight service provider moving shipments in and out of that center can ensure a seamless freight transfer.


A single invoice.

Whether moving freight to or from a distribution center, multiple invoices, contact points and billing centers can interfere with a streamlined workflow. You’ll have just one invoice through a bill of lading (BOL) when working with a freight service provider. When you can see all of your freight spend in one view, you and your department can make the best decision for your bottom line and department objectives.


Moving forward with a freight service provider.

As you and your freight department are looking to improve your operations to and from distribution centers, look to a freight service provider like Freightquote by C.H Robinson to help you make simple, but important decisions to streamline your supply chain. We know you’re constantly evaluating your network, looking for deficiencies and Freightquote is here to help you make the smartest decisions for your freight. 

Freightquote manages logistics for hundreds of customers moving freight in and out of the nation’s biggest distribution centers. Our expertise comes with a deep understanding of how to make your freight move seamlessly into the center and on to its final destination. Contact us today to get started on your best freight strategy yet.  


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