Empowering Small Business: Use Carrier Ratings to Find Top LTL Carriers

July 18, 2023

In the fast-paced world of logistics, small businesses often face shipping challenges that can limit the efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods. The good news is, less than truckload (LTL) shipping offers the flexibility to ship the smaller loads typical for small-scale shippers, without the need to pay for an entire truck.

However, selecting the right LTL carrier can be a daunting task—especially without extensive logistics expertise. This is where Freightquote by C.H. Robinson comes in, providing valuable LTL carrier ratings to educate and empower small-business owners. When selecting an LTL carrier, you’ll now find star ratings and a category breakdown of what influences the overall star rating, for easier, more informed carrier decisions.

LTL carrier rating example:

Carrier rating example in Freightquote online quoting tool

What are LTL carrier ratings?

LTL carrier ratings are an essential tool to evaluate and compare different carriers based on their reliability, service quality, pricing, and customer satisfaction levels. These ratings offer a clear view of a carrier's performance history—allowing you to make more informed decisions when selecting a freight provider. Referring to LTL carrier ratings can help to avoid potential risks while helping you find the most capable carriers based on their past performance.

With LTL carrier ratings, small businesses can expect more positive shipping experiences without the need to understand all the intricacies of the transportation industry.

Make intelligent shipping decisions with LTL carrier ratings

We’re here to help bridge the knowledge gap by providing the easy to interpret resources you need—all delivered in our user-friendly online platform. LTL carrier ratings offers four primary benefits to small-business owners:

1. Enhanced transparency

LTL carrier ratings from Freightquote brings transparency to the often-opaque world of shipping. By providing information on carrier performance metrics, like on-time pickup and delivery percentages, claims ratio, and customer reviews, you gain valuable insights into each potential carrier's track record. This transparency builds trust and helps you select carriers based on reliable data—no guesswork required.

2. Informed decision-making

Armed with accurate and up-to-date LTL carrier ratings, you can make well-informed decisions that align with your specific shipping needs. Whether prioritizing speed, cost, or you’re looking for a balance of both, now you can easily compare carriers and choose the one that best matches your requirements. From there it’s easy to optimize shipping processes, minimize risks, and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Risk mitigation

Shipping delays, damaged goods, or poor customer service can all significantly impact operations and reputation—especially for small businesses. By leveraging LTL carrier ratings, you can mitigate these risks by selecting carriers with a proven track record of reliable performance and exceptional service. Freightquote's comprehensive rating system helps ensure your shipments are handled by trustworthy carriers. Now you can navigate LTL shipping with confidence.

4. Long-term growth

As your business operations expand, shipping requirements are bound to evolve as well. With the right knowledge from LTL carrier ratings, your company will be ready to adapt to changing needs—seamlessly. Along with a deep understanding of carrier performance comes the ability to better maintain reliable shipping practices as you grow—your logistics operations can keep pace with an expanding customer base.

LTL carrier ratings is a game-changer

For small businesses in the shipping industry, LTL carrier ratings offers greater transparency, informed decision-making, risk mitigation opportunities, and long-term growth—truly enabling your business’ success.

With Freightquote's support, you can more confidently ship products, knowing you have access to reliable carriers and the necessary knowledge to make the best shipping choices for your unique needs. Get a free LTL quote today to see LTL carrier ratings in action.

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