Shipping to an Amazon Warehouse? We can help.

August 24, 2023

Shipping to an Amazon warehouse? To ensure a smooth transfer of products for fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), there are a few nuances for small business shippers to keep in mind. Whether you’re shipping full truckload or less than truckload (LTL) freight to an Amazon warehouse location, we can help you prepare so the experience goes smoothly.

Fulfillment by Amazon for beginners

Having all the relevant information is the most important step you can take to make certain booking your shipment and pick-up are quick and easy, as well as to ensure your freight arrives at its destination as planned.

While a bill of lading (BOL) is provided after booking in the Freightquote online tool, you will need to include additional information for shipping to an Amazon warehouse. This can be done by using the “Delivery Details” and “Special Instructions” text boxes when booking your shipment in the tool. Alternatively, an additional BOL can be used for this information. At pickup, make sure to give all shipping documents to your selected carrier’s driver.

Here is the additional information needed:

1. Amazon Purchase Order (PO) numbers
All Amazon PO numbers must be referenced in shipment documents. Example: If you have several purchase orders attached to one pallet, all purchase order numbers should be reflected on the bill of lading.

2. FBA shipment ID
This is an ID that Amazon provides you and must be included with your shipment details. The FBA shipment ID specifies the quantities of products in your shipment for Amazon.

3. Appointment time (full truckload)
If you’ve already scheduled an appointment for your truckload shipment to be received at the Amazon warehouse, make sure to include those details when booking. Simply include the appointment ID number, date, and time of appointment in the “Special Instructions” field. No appointment? No problem. We will schedule one for you. It is not recommended to make delivery appointments for LTL shipments prior to booking as carriers may not be able to accommodate the request.

What to keep in mind when choosing a carrier to ship

Amazon warehouse locations only accept shipments from selected LTL carriers. When you choose “Deliver to an Amazon Warehouse” when quoting a shipment in our online tool, you will only see quotes from approved LTL carriers. Truckload shipments, on the other hand, can be received from any carrier you choose.

How to ship Amazon FBO in Freightquote's online tool

Be mindful that some LTL carriers will drop a trailer at the Amazon warehouse location. In this case, your tracking will show your shipment was delivered. However, Amazon will process the shipment at their discretion, so be aware a status that shows “delivered” may not mean processed by Amazon. Utilization of drop trailer practices can vary by carrier and even by warehouse location for the same carrier.

One tip for experiencing consistent service when shipping to an Amazon FBA warehouse is to get to know both your lanes and your carriers. Once you have this “lay of the land” you are able to more easily choose the carrier that works best for you. Watch this video for more tips on choosing the best carrier for your freight, timeline, and budget.

Why planning ahead is crucial when shipping to Amazon

An important thing to know when sending freight to an Amazon FBA warehouse is that Amazon appointment availability dictates delivery and processing. The warehouse cannot always accommodate when you want to drop off products. Expedited shipping is not always an option. These factors make it essential to plan your shipments in advance to ensure your products stay in stock.

Also be aware that Amazon can reschedule truckload delivery appointments when they are at capacity without notifying customers. Track your shipments on to confirm your truckload shipment was delivered.

Planning ahead is especially important when shipping to warehouses located in ports and major metros. These large hubs experience more variation and delays than other regions due to capacity. You’ll want to expect the unexpected and account for potential delays if your product is headed to one of these areas.

Amazon FBA made easy

Though there is a little more planning and preparation involved, it can still be relatively simple for small business shippers to send products to Amazon FBA. With both LTL and truckload shipping options, you can count on Freightquote by C.H. Robinson to help you ship your products to an Amazon warehouse.

To find out more about how Freightquote can help you access the lowest prices on shipping, check out our other videos and blogs for helpful information on small business shipping. And when you’re ready to book and ship, Freightquote has you covered with accurate quotes, simple shipments, and real-time updates about your freight.

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