DollarDays case study

The customer

DollarDays is a premier online wholesale distributor and closeout company. Through their e-commerce platform, the company sells more than 260,000 products to small businesses, nonprofits and other entities – all at wholesale and bulk prices. From candles to candies, beauty supplies to backpacks, DollarDays gives organizations the power to purchase the goods they need at prices typically only available only to large enterprises making buying in volume.

The challenge

DollarDays partnered with an exporter working on behalf of the Venezuelan government to supply needy children with toys at Christmastime. This massive volume of toys all need to reach the port of Miami within two weeks to ensure the boys and girls of Venezuela would have their gifts in time for the holiday. Though DollarDays was experienced with LTL shipping, they recognized the need for additional help navigating the sheer volume and timeline of the project. As the largest and most experienced freight service provider in North America, Freightquote by C.H. Robinson was a natural partner.

The Freightquote by C.H. Robinson Solution.

The team.

With only a three-day heads-up before the toys would start moving, the Freightquote account executive recognized that time was of the essence and assembled a dedicated team to tackle the freight project.

Thirteen Freightquote employees from five different departments worked tirelessly to coordinate the project and ensure its success. The team started by gathering the available information and making a list of what they still needed to know. Then they began working with carriers to find capacity in areas where they knew shipments would most likely originate.

The process.

As DollarDays identified and prepared shipments of toys across the country, the capacity team worked on the fly to coordinate pickups with carriers. Because of the tight timeline, finding drivers with enough hours to get the shipments to the port of Miami proved especially challenging. In many cases, driver teams were employed to keep the freight moving continuously. In some areas, this sudden and dramatic increase in demand made finding qualified drivers difficult. With Freightquote technology at their fingertips and their in-depth knowledge of the industry, the capacity team had access to the industry’s largest database of carriers and drivers and were able to overcome these challenges.

Tracking and reporting.

With a total of 47 truckloads operating on tight timelines, tracking and reporting technology was essential to the success of the project.

Using technology, Freightquote was able to know exactly where each truck was at any given time and could accurately set delivery appointments as shipments reached Miami. 

While the Freightquote team coordinated pickups, monitored progress, and scheduled deliveries, the client was given daily detailed reports that dramatically simplified their job. These reports included inventory numbers that let them know exactly what was on each truck, as well as line items like where the shipment currently was and whether the delivery appointment had been set. Any potential issues were redlined for their attention.

The results.

All 47 shipments from DollarDays partner warehouses reached the port of Miami in time to make the boat to Venezuela. More importantly, the toys reached the children of Venezuela in time for the holidays.

Success was due largely in part to Freightquote expertise in the industry, as well as their proprietary technology that could help identify and coordinate capacity in cases where smaller companies might struggle. Most importantly, however, Freightquote was able to put together the right mix of experienced personnel dedicated solely to this one freight project. The Freightquote account executive even provided their personal cellphone number to the client in order to serve them better.

DollarDays was so impressed with the level of service they received from Freightquote that they significantly increased the amount of LTL business they awarded Freightquote. Today, Freightquote works as DollarDay’s primary shipping partner, handling as much as 90% of their day-to-day shipping needs.

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