Tips for avoiding the capacity crunch and becoming a preferred shipper.

March 22, 2018

Any business that produces physical products for customers dispersed across a wide geographical landscape (whether it be regional, national or global) relies heavily on freight shipping to keep up with purchases and deliver the goods on time. However, as we work our way through 2018, freight shippers are likely feeling the effects of the capacity crunch.

Due to the trucking industry’s shortage of drivers paired with loads hitting all-time highs, shippers may find it harder than ever before to find the right carrier for freight. If you’re looking to secure a load, it’s always a good idea to price yourself competitively, but that’s not all. You should also take the steps that are necessary to become a preferred shipper. You may be wondering how to accomplish this. We’ve got you covered.

Read through the infographic below to learn more about the steps that should be taken as you strive to become a preferred shipper.


Become a preferred shipper

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Final thoughts.

The shipping process can be daunting and can also take up valuable time that could be spent on other key areas of business. Securing a load in 2018 and beyond will come down to being as efficient and flexible with the shipping process as possible. Freightquote by C.H. Robinson aims to give you the confidence to manage your own freight by providing online self-service shipping tools that help streamline your freight shipping strategy.

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Best practices for optimizing your shipping strategy

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