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Freight transportation know-how shared with you.

Here are five freight shipping tips to keep in mind when setting up a shipment. And if questions arise when booking a shipment, freight professionals are available from 8 am CT to 6 pm CT to assist. We provide an easy-to-use, self-service platform and freight experts to help you ship truckload, less than truckload, expedited, and intermodal freight.


Freight Shipping Tip #1:  Provide the most accurate freight information.

Dimensions - An important factor in correctly quoting a shipment is the freight dimensions – length, width and height. These should be rounded to the next inch. LTL carriers rely on freight dimensions to predetermine the number of individual loads for a specific truck. Inaccurate freight dimensions will result in an adjustment from the carrier and may be costly. Weight - This is another important factor in determining your freight quote. The Department of Transportation regulates the weight of trucks on the road and accurate freight weights allow carriers to manage their truck weights. An incorrect freight weight can result in a price adjustment.


Freight Shipping Tip #2:  Be mindful of oversized items or very heavy shipments.

Items requiring extra space due to size, shape or weight may be subject to higher shipping rates. Freight shipping rates are calculated based on the dimensions, weight and other cargo-specific factors. Correct weights and measurements allow carriers to present you with affordable options that are best-suited for each load. If additional services are required, a Freightquote by C.H. Robinson representative is ready to assist you.


Freight Shipping Tip #3:  Safeguard shipments with proper care and packaging.

To help protect your freight in transit, it’s important to crate or palletize your freight shipments. A standard pallet size is 40” x 48”. Proper packaging can help you save time and money. If shipments cannot be packaged, there are still options available based on the shipment’s weight and dimensions. Don't hesitate to ask a Freightquote representative for advice or assistance.


Freight Shipping Tip #4:  Know the requirements of shipment locations.

You should be prepared to provide information about what origin and destination locations require, since carriers typically expect to pick up and deliver from/to loading docks. Do shipping points have loading docks or are liftgates required? Do you need an appointment? 


Freight Shipping Tip #5:  Be aware of delivery schedules especially for time-critical shipments.

All LTL carrier’s transit times are best estimates. If your shipment necessitates a more definitive time window, you may need to select the guaranteed delivery option. Remember, your shipment delivery can also be monitored with Freightquote tracking tools. 

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