What states have the most outbound freight?

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About 122.5 million households, 7.5 million businesses and north of 90,000 governmental units rely on freight shipping every day to get their goods to those waiting on the other end. The challenge is, the senders and receivers of this freight are often times separated by hundreds or thousands of miles.

While freight is sent to all parts of the United States, there are a few locations that seem to be more popular than others when it comes to outbound freight shipping.


Working with shippers across the U.S., we've found these states have the most outbound freight:


Those that are shipping freight from the Golden State appear to be commonly moving it to New York, Florida and Texas. The shipper's proximity to major metro areas within California can impact the ease and cost of shipping. Intermodal freight is typically an economical option thanks to the abundance of and access to railroads.


As the saying goes, "everything is bigger in Texas." The same can be said for the number of outbound freight shipments, as it's commonplace for goods to be sent to states like California, Florida, and North Carolina. This is one of the most active states due to port shipping, agriculture, oil and heavy industry.


Representing the Midwest, Illinois also routinely ranks among the most popular in terms of outbound shipments. California, Texas and New York are the most common destinations for freight leaving Illinois. The density of the upper Midwest, paired with its centralized location and booming industry makes it a hub of activity for both inbound and outbound shipping.


Also a Midwest state that produces a large volume of outbound freight. Much like Illinois, the most common recipients of freight from Ohio are California, New York and Texas. Ohio's industrial market, central location and access to the Northeast makes it a trucking hot spot.

We hope you've enjoyed this latest installment of our FAQ freight shipping series and that it helps you better understand what states have the most outbound freight!

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