Drayage services in intermodal freight shipping.

October 19, 2009
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Freightquote by C.H. Robinson assists many customers in arranging domestic and international intermodal shipping. This simply means that the freight is shipping via several different modes of transportation. Domestic intermodal shipping generally consists of rail and truck freight carriage. In international shipments, intermodal freight can be carried by any combination of truck, rail, air and ocean-going carriers.

Because the timing of each delivery and pick-up in intermodal freight situations is generally not perfectly aligned, there is a need for interim unloading and storage. This is where drayage services come in. 


What is drayage? 

Drayage services are specialty carriers – with appropriate licensing, bonding and agreements necessary to fill the gaps in intermodal freight. Drayage carriers pull containers in and out of ports, harbors, and warehouses.  This includes hooking the huge steel containers off of steamship decks and railcars, loading them onto trailers for transport to an approved storage facility to await the next step of the intermodal process.

Drayage services are available at both ports and rail yards, picking up and delivering to and from customs-bonded container yards and container freight stations. Some even operate their own container storage facilities. They can even be responsible for opening and reconfiguring containers and less-than-container loads for further transport.


Why is drayage important?

Although drayage service seems like a minor step in the intermodal freight shipping process, it is an extremely important one. The freight can only make its way from one mode to the next if the drayage service is prompt and reliable.

Rather than spending the time and effort to research reputable drayage services, shippers can rely on the expertise of Freightquote. 


Freightquote has arranged thousands upon thousands of intermodal freight shipments and knows the most reliable drayage services out there. Customers who trust Freightquote to handle intermodal shipments from start to finish are relieved of the stress of managing this multi-part shipping process. Every portion is handled via the online freight management system, right down to the billing and delivery confirmation.

Have other questions on intermodal shipping or drayage? Let us know. One of our shipping experts is happy to help!

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