What factors drive LTL freight shipping rates?

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Location, dimensions and weight, shipping mode and freight type are the main components that impact freight shipping rates.

While the freight shipping process involves many facets, thorough research and planning can better position you to find the most competitive LTL rates.


Let's take a closer look at LTL freight shipping rates and the factors that cause them to increase:

1. Shipping location.

Initially, you should take into account where the shipment is being shipped from and to. Generally, the further the distance between the points, the more it will cost, but also the distance of the origin and destination from major metro areas and available capacity will influence your freight rates.

2. Dimensions and weight of freight.

The next consideration is the shipment's dimensions and weight. They help define your freight class for LTL shipping and directly affect rates. Your freight's dimensions and weight also establish truck space needed and informs the density of your freight, which tells a carrier how easy it is to break and may also impact your rates.

3. Shipping mode.

Once you have determined your freight less than truckload service, you'll want to think about how quickly you need it to deliver. If your freight is time sensitive, remember to factor that into your consideration. Expedited shipping is typically used in urgent cases, which may increase rates.

4. Freight type.

Perishable, fragile or hazardous items could result in higher freight rates since they often need special equipment, handling and/or storage.

Yes, there can be a huge load to consider when shopping around for freight shipping rates. However, with adequate preparation, you can be more than equipped to find the most competitive rates and make the best decisions for your business.


Final thoughts.

Do you want to learn more about common freight shipping topics? Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for other FAQ posts that are part of our series designed to address your most pressing freight-related questions.

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