Reducing the burden of shipping with online freight services.

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The e-commerce industry is growing year after year and presents many opportunities for traditional brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers. However, companies that sell products online or have warehouses spread across the country must consider the shipping aspect of their business and its impact on operations. The cost and time associated with shipping can cause even the largest businesses to lose focus on their products and customer service.

With assistance from an online freight service, however, businesses of all sizes can outsource this time-consuming task and get back to doing what they do best.


Time-inefficiencies associated with shipping.

If you aren’t experienced in planning and preparing freight shipments, the time it can take to get them prepared and sent out is not only costly, but vastly inefficient. Without a team dedicated to shipping freight, a strain can be put on other teams whose roles are completely different, but find themselves having to step in to make sure orders make it out the door.

Recently, we worked with Mantua Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of quality bedding products, to help them spend less time managing freight shipments. They noticed that too much of their time was being directed toward reconciling freight bills and tracking shipments as opposed to providing the great customer service they were known for.

Mantua contacted us with an RFP (request for proposal). They needed a solution that would allow them to easily integrate their internal systems into a system that would work seamlessly with theirs. By integrating our eTMS (Transportation Management System) into their internal systems, Mantua was able to free up their customer service representatives’ time with easy access to instant quotes and freight carrier options. Mantua’s stakeholders frequently meet to discuss carriers they’d like to work with and provide feedback to Freightquote by C.H. Robinson so we can continue exceeding their expectations.


Refocusing customer service efforts with online freight services.

Our clients choose to work with us for many reasons. No matter the reason, they want great customer service and sensible solutions that address their needs. Mantua Manufacturing Company was able to refocus their customer service efforts to better serve their customers thanks to our experts and technological capabilities.


Final thoughts.

Freight shipping can be very challenging, even for the most experienced shipper. Working with an online freight service provider saves businesses time and money that could be allocated elsewhere. We were glad to work with Mantua to provide the technology and freight solutions they needed to help them get back to what they do best - providing great customer service. To learn more about our services and how we assisted Mantua Manufacturing Company, read our case study.

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