Northland Cedar case study

The customer

Northland Cedar is a small furniture builder in rural Minnesota specializing in handmade log and barnwood pieces. The unique knots, holes and patina make every piece truly unique and a popular choice for cabins and homes with rustic décor. The company strives to offer the best customer service possible, even creating custom pieces upon request.

The challenge

From their inception, most of Northland Cedar’s clientele came from within their delivery area in northern Minnesota. In the interest of expanding their business, the company began testing the waters of online marketing, driving potential clients from across the country to their website to view their product catalog. One day, owner John Cox received a phone call from an out-of-state customer with an extensive list of products they were interested in. However, they were concerned the high cost of freight shipping would limit how much they could buy.

The Freightquote by C.H. Robinson Solution.

The personal touch.

As a small business owner, John was no expert on freight shipping. However, he had worked with Freightquote for the occasional order outside of their delivery area. He knew his Freightquote representative could help him answer his questions and figure out the best way to ensure as much of his new client’s money would be spent on furniture rather than shipping.

The process.

John made one call to his Freightquote rep, who immediately began compiling a quote. Together, they were able to list out all the crated pieces and determine the freight costs. By asking a few simple questions, the rep also determined that residential delivery and lift gate services needed to be added in order to ensure proper delivery to the customer.

The Freightquote rep was able to provide competitive quotes, prepare bills of lading (BOLs) schedule pickups and delivery times, and provide Northland Cedar with a single, easy-to-understand invoice.

The result.

The cost savings through Freightquote proved to be enough to enable the customer to make the largest sale in Northland Cedar’s history.

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