Peak season shipping tips and how online freight services can assist.

November 12, 2015

Holiday shipping is once again upon us. Retailers are in a race to deliver with U.S. online sales expected to expand 12% to $371 billion this year, representing 10% of overall retail sales.

This time of year poses new opportunities and also boosts revenue for the transportation and logistics industry. Reputations of businesses are impacted by their freight shipping service with so many people counting on getting their goods in time. Planning ahead and partnering with an online freight service can improve operations and help you avoid costly mistakes during this peak season.


Why use an online freight service during peak season?

Shipping services offer you the chance to scale warehousing space, labor and transportation while also providing full support, especially during periods of heightened business, or peak seasons, when you need it most. Freight shipping services are well equipped to meet the demands of the market.

Benefits of using an online freight shipping service include:

  • Training- Shipping services train their teams to prepare for peak season. With their assistance, you won't have to drain to your own resources finding capable workers and training them.
  • Performance Monitoring- Performance during peak season is key. Your provider can help monitor the service levels of carriers as a value-add to your company.
  • Cost Savings- Your shipping service can provide a freight spend analysis to find the most efficient and cost effective network of carriers for your freight.


How can an online freight service help?

Between coordinating carriers, pick up and delivery times, your company can turn to a freight shipping service to manage the details and ensure smooth transportation of your product.

A few ways online freight services improve the process:

  • Tracking Features- Real-time tracking technology powered by trained professionals gives you the invaluable opportunity to be in touch with your company's shipments 24/7.
  • Optimized Use of Time and Money- A freight service gives you back time that would normally be spent carrying out the management of your freight and also adds an extra layer of protection in identifying potentially costly mistakes.
  • On-going Improvements- Freight services can act quickly to make adjustments as needed. Companies benefit from the ongoing logistics improvements put in place.
  • Enhanced workplace productivity- Shipping services allow companies to utilize more space and productivity during peak months by streamlining operations, saving time and costs throughout the process.
  • Quicker Deliveries- Pre-negotiated guaranteed and expedited options can optimize the shipping process during the holidays.


What to look for in an online freight service?

While it's safe to say that online freight services can help manage your freight shipping process during peak season, it's important to keep in mind what to look for when choosing one:

  • An array of options including LTL, truckload and intermodal
  • The reliability of their contracted carriers
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Access to proof of delivery documents (PODs)
  • Customer service across multiple channels (phone, email, real-time tracking tools)


Final thoughts.

As manufacturers and shippers all over the world are immersed in peak season, they have to make cost-efficient decisions while maintaining a high level of service. No matter the time of year, you can rely on easily-accessible competitive rates to help you get the most for your company's time and money.


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