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Freightquote lowest price guarantee Terms & Conditions

Freightquote Lowest Price Guarantee: Freightquote will (i) match the Price of any Competitor transporting Eligible Participant’s Eligible Shipment, (ii) apply a Ten Percent (10%) (of the original price for the Eligible Shipment paid by Eligible Participant) discount credit to original price of the Eligible Shipment onto Eligible Participant’s credit card used to pay for the Eligible Shipment, and (iii) provide Eligible Participant with a Fifty Dollar ($50) promotional code good for a discount on Eligible Participant’s next less-than-truckload shipment transaction using Freightquote’s digital self-service platform (https://www.freightquote.com/book/#/) . Discount code is only valid for a one time use. Verified Claims will receive Freightquote Lowest Price Guarantee within seven (7) to ten (10) business days of Eligible Participant’s notification of a Claim to Freightquote.

To make a Claim under the Freightquote Lowest Price Guarantee Program, Eligible Participant must contact Freightquote at https://www.freightquote.com/lowprice/ within twenty-four (24) hours after completing shipment on freightquote.com.

Upon its receipt of a Claim from Eligible Participant, Freighquote shall promptly and independently verify the existence of Competitor’s Price for the Eligible Shipment, including the matching of all Shipment Characteristics. All Claims are subject to Freightquote’s full verification.

Freightquote reserves the right, at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion, to make Changes the Freightquote Lowest Price Guarantee. The Freightquote Lowest Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions that are in effect at the time Eligible Participant completes the Eligible Shipment will apply to such Eligible Shipment. No change in the Freightquote Lowest Price Guarantee will affect any credit or promotional code that has already been issued to Eligible Participant by Freightquote. The failure by Freightquote to enforce any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.


Truckload shipments, as well as special rates or agreements unique to groups, associations, and or individual companies do not qualify to participate in the Freightquote Lowest Price Guarantee Program.


“Changes” is defined as any modification or change made by Freightquote to the Freightquote Lowest Price Guarantee and include the discontinuation of the of the Freightquote Lowest Price Guarantee by Freightquote. Changes may be made by Freightquote at any time, for any reason. Freightquote is not required to provide and shall not provide any notice, written or otherwise, of Changes to any third party, including but not limited to Eligible Participants.

Claim is defined as Eligible Participant’s request to receive the Freighquote Lowest Price Guarantee.

Competitor is defined as any motor carrier or property broker, licensed to operate in the United States, who operates a transportation service related website available to the general public, which website provides a Price for specified Shipment Characteristics to the general public without establishing a customer account with Competitor.

Eligible Participant is defined any Freightquote customer who arranges the over the road transportation an Eligible Shipment using use Freightquote’s digital self-serve platform (https://www.freightquote.com/book/#/).

Eligible Shipment is defined as an Eligible Participant’s less-than-truckload or small parcel shipment using use Freightquote’s digital self-serve platform (https://www.freightquote.com/book/#/).

Price is defined as the freight rate charged to transport an over the road shipment that possesses Shipment Characteristics.

Shipment Characteristics is defined as a defined set of shipment characteristics, including but not limited to carriers, transportation mode (less-than-truckload), freight classification, freight dimensions (height, width, length, and weight), physical points of pick-up and delivery, pick-up and delivery dates, services levels, accessorial charges, and transit times.

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