How to save time on freight shipping.

Save time on freight shipping

When your business requires you to ship or receive freight, you may find yourself looking for ways to save money, and for good reason. At the end of the day, businesses are looking for the best way to get their goods from one place to another at the lowest rate possible.

Time though, is another precious element to businesses. If proper steps are not taken, freight shipping can be time consuming, taking individuals away from other activities that need their attention. 

Here are four steps to consider when looking for ways to save time on freight shipping:

  1. Understand what factors go into shipping rates 
  2. Prepare the warehouse 
  3. Choose the best shipping mode 
  4. Work with experts


Understand what factors go into shipping rates.

Without understanding what drives freight shipping rates, a lot of time can be wasted trying to obtain quotes. 

With all your ducks in a row, you’ll establish a precedent and your freight shipping department will be well prepared in the process of securing competitive rates. The shipping origin and destination, commodity details, special services, desired method of shipping and service level preference all play large roles in determining rates.

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Prepare the warehouse.

The time it takes to complete the shipping process can be greatly impacted by whether or not the warehouse is properly prepared to send and receive shipments. This means taking steps both inside and outside the warehouse to get it ready.

First, you must make sure trucks can move in and out of the areas they need to access with ease and ensure all the docks are accessible. Inside the warehouse, think about placing seasonal items in a shared zone. For example, an outdoor furniture manufacturer could place its most popular tables and chairs where they’re easily accessible for truck loading during the spring. 

Keeping Freight Shipping in Mind When Building or Selecting a Warehouse


Choose the best shipping mode.

If you’re new to the freight shipping process, you will have to spend some time learning about the various transportation options and which one might be best suited for you. While it’s hard to avoid this time investment up front, it’s worth it down the road. 

Whether you choose to ship via LTL, truckload, expedited, intermodal or any other option, it’s important to understand the shipments and scenarios that are the best match for each. For example, if you have a shipment with a critical delivery date, it may make sense to book an expedited shipment. 

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Work with experts.

Whether your freight shipping team is made up of an individual or a large group, it never hurts to have industry experts on your side.

Working with a freight service provider can help you cut costs, select a reliable carrier, access a host of technological tools and much more. Teaming up with experts that have years of freight shipping experience could be the key to bringing organizational efficiency to new heights. 

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Final thoughts.

Don’t let freight shipping slow your business down. By following these steps, you could get more time back on your side.

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