How online freight service providers help retailers cut costs.

August 1, 2017

In recent years, online freight service providers have become a welcomed aid for retailers everywhere who are aiming to achieve online and omnichannel success. In the broadest sense, businesses work with them to take care of supply chain needs, such as transportation of goods, warehouse management and reporting and forecasting. As an endless amount of goods are warehoused, sorting and distributing each shipment in and out is crucial for keeping the supply chain moving.

An online freight service provider offers assistance for those managing distribution centers, as well as those who ship to and from these centers, a way to help streamline the operation process. No matter what type of industry you’re in, there’s most likely an option that can help you efficiently manage your supply chain.

Let’s examine how online freight service providers have forever changed the retail landscape for the better.


How online freight service providers help retailers.

According to a report from Marketing Land, 90 percent of consumers consider free shipping the number one incentive to shop online. In the past, shopping online was more for a convenience sake, as customers wouldn’t have to drive anywhere or wait in line. Free shipping was soon established as a way to attract a competitor’s customers, as it didn’t matter that the delivery process was slow and often took weeks for a product to arrive. 

Nowadays, that’s all changed. While free shipping is still considered very important, customers demand a quicker delivery time. Retailers are often scrambling to keep up with customer demands, which in turn has led them to partner with online freight service providers as a way to help manage their supply chain and delivery needs. A strong supply chain strategy is a must for retailers, as they have to find a way to successfully handle and ship their goods in a timely process.

Just as free shipping was once a competitive advantage for retailers, partnering with an online freight service provider to help with your supply chain management has now become the same. This allows many smaller retail companies to compete with the giants such as Amazon and eBay. 

Investing in staff, locations and the latest technology can be both time and cost consuming. Many retailers who are aware of these pitfalls have already turned to service providers to help manage their supply chain process.


Advantages of working with an online service provider.

Many retailers, smaller ones in particular, are not experts on supply chain management or logistics. This, in turn, has led them to partner with experts for additional help.

Working with a freight shipping service can help in a number of ways. Here’s a look at a few of the different advantages freight shipping services can provide through the process:

  • Quoting at your fingertips: Relying on others to quote and set up your shipment takes time and can allow for errors. Putting the quoting process directly into your hands not only saves time, but may decrease those errors.
  • Tracking features: Stay in touch with your company’s shipment 24/7 with real-time tracking technology powered by expert professionals.
  • Optimized ease of time and money: Don’t waste time over the management of your freight. Freight service providers take care of that while also giving you extra protection in identifying potential mistakes.
  • Ongoing improvements: Retail businesses greatly benefit from ongoing logistics improvements, as freight services can act quickly to make adjustments whenever need be.
  • Enhanced workplace productivity: Utilize more space and productivity during peak months by streamlining operations while also saving time and cutting costs throughout the process.
  • Quicker deliveries: Optimize the shipping process during peak months with pre-negotiated guaranteed and expedited options.

Partnering with an online freight service provider is ideal for periods of heightened business, or peak seasons when retailers need help the most. By planning ahead and forming a partnership to improve operations, retailers are able to avoid costly mistakes during the peak and holiday season.


Final thoughts.

Online shopping will only continue to grow, and as it does, retailers must find new and creative ways to compete for business such as offering special deals, free shipping and other offers to attract customers. Retailers can’t be weighed down by worrying about their supply chain management.

Online freight service providers, such as Freightquote by C.H. Robinson, work with retailers to help save time and cut costs with all their supply chain demands.

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