Freight tip: Damaged freight.

damaged box

In an effort to help our customers with their freight shipping needs, Freightquote by C.H. Robinson has created a freight shipping tips series.

The topic of damaged freight – especially concealed damage – is a hot button for many shippers. Items can, in fact, be damaged despite intact packaging and a pristine-looking box.

Freightquote customers often ask if they should accept or refuse freight that arrives to them damaged. Refusing a freight shipment is not the same as noting damage on a shipment. As a rule, carriers will not pay freight claims while the freight is in their possession. Likewise, if freight is not claimed by either the shipper or the consignee it becomes the carrier’s possession.

Refusing a shipment is not in the best interest of the shipper or the consignee. If a shipment arrives damaged, the consignee should note all the damages on the delivery receipt when accepting the shipment. 

They should also note whether or not: 

  1. The shipment was tendered to the carrier in good condition
  2. The shipment was delivered in damaged condition
  3. The shipper suffered economic injury as a result of the damage


Once the damages have been noted, contact Freightquote and we will start the claims process with the carrier.

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