How to Easily Track Your Freight Shipments

December 15, 2022

Managing your freight can be confusing when a single shipment has multiple tracking numbers that serve different purposes. To simplify freight tracking, we’ll break down the different types of shipping numbers you’ll see when making shipments through Freightquote and share all the information you’ll need about how to track orders online.

Breaking down the most important freight tracking numbers

Order Number: Order number is generally the most important to know when tracking your shipment. It’s generated as a numeric code and can be found on both your shipment confirmation page and in your confirmation email. Once signed in, you’ll be able to track shipments from your Freightquote dashboard using your order number.

Freightquote order number location screenshot

Tracking Number:

This alphanumeric code (a code that uses both letters and numbers) is generated when you place your order. Like order number, the tracking number will be included in your shipping confirmation email. The tracking number can be used to track shipments on without signing into an account, so use it when you need to share the details of a shipment with someone else.

Simply enter the tracking number at the top of for the most up-to-date information about its location.

Freightquote tracking icon location in navigation bar screenshot

Other important shipping numbers:

  • BOL Number: Your shipment’s BOL (bill of lading) number is the same as your order number and can be found on your BOL document.
  • Pickup Number: This is used by your carrier to track shipping information before the freight is picked up. This number is not typically needed but can be useful if a shipper needs to contact a carrier directly with a detailed pickup question. Our Customer Support team can provide this number to you if it’s needed.
  • PRO Number: Short for Progressive Rotating Order, this is the carrier's main tracking number and is typically assigned at pickup by the carrier's driver. The pickup driver will place a barcode sticker on the freight and the BOL. This sticker contains the PRO number that will be used by the carrier to identify and track the load from time of pickup all the way through until after delivery.

How to track freight shipments online

Once you have placed a shipping order, the order details can be found on your Freightquote dashboard (you’ll set up an account when you book your first shipment). From here, you can track your most recent orders and find updates concerning each shipment via order numbers. You’ll also be able to sign up for tracking notifications associated with your orders and choose whether text messages or emails are most convenient for communicating the details.

Notifications from the shipping details on your dashboard are flexible, allowing you to opt in to only the notifications you need. This includes status updates, delivery confirmation, and delay information that can be communicated via email and text. You also have the option to receive none of these notifications for a shipment.

When logging in to Freightquote and using your dashboard to track your latest shipment, you can use your order number to get all the relevant details. Without logging in to a Freightquote account, you can still easily track your shipment by using your tracking number online.

Use Freightquote to manage all your shipments

Beyond shipment details and tracking information, your Freightquote dashboard has a suite of convenient services to manage your orders. You’ll be able to handle all your LTL (less than truckload), TL (truckload), and parcel shipments in one place, even when you’re using separate carriers to move freight. When necessary, our Customer Support team can help you connect to carriers.

Important information on your dashboard includes status updates, delivery confirmation, delay notifications, and shipping documents so all the information you need can be managed in one place. To start browsing this information, simply sign in to your dashboard or create an account to start shipping smart with Freightquote.