Customer Testimonial: Freightquote + MSI Packaging Inc.

July 15, 2020

“With Freightquote, we started saving 50-70% on our freight costs overnight. It is quick and simple to go online, and get multiple quotes to compare all at once,” says MSI Packaging Production Manager, Garret Dill.

“The best part is, Freightquote works with the same carriers we know and trust. Our freight is delivered intact and on time. Also, since COVID, it makes it easy to do everything online, and put the labels on our shipments for contactless pickup.”

The Customer

MSI Packaging is a design and fabrication company that provides industrial packaging materials. For years, MSI Packaging handled freight shipping the old fashioned way – manually contacting carriers and requesting shipping quotes. So when the office manager in charge of shipping retired in 2019, the company was faced with the task of upgrading the shipping process to one that was more efficient.

Production Manager Garret Dill went to work and began researching his options.

“When I was selected to take over, I didn’t have a lot of guidance,” says Dill. “I had to go through folders of carrier information, business cards with contact information, and stacks of papers with shipping quotes.”

The Challenge

MSI Packaging was looking for a modern freight shipping solution that was quick, easy, and online.

Important considerations included:

  • High Quality Carriers
  • Low Rates
  • Ease of Use
  • Responsive Customer Service
Dill began logging into various websites and started requesting quotes. The company had used C.H. Robinson in the past for full truck loads, so he visited the website to see if there was anything he could accomplish online. That’s when he came across

The Freightquote Solution

MSI Packaging started using Freightquote’s online self-service shipping tool to compare carrier quotes and book shipments online.

“I stumbled upon Freightquote and honestly couldn’t believe the prices were real. I had quotes pulled up from 2 to 3 other LTL carriers and Freightquote demolished all of them,” says Dill.

The company also uses Freightquote to track spending on freight. Using the online tool, he’s able to track pick-up locations, drop-off locations, skid counts, total weight, and the overall costs of the shipments.

Finally, Dill relies on Freightquote for:

  • Responsive, customer support from freight experts
  • Tracking the status of shipments online
  • COVID-19 accommodations with contactless pickup

The Results

MSI Packaging now has a freight service provider that meets all its needs and can scale with the organization as it continues to expand.

“We started saving 50 to 70 percent on our freight costs overnight. We’re consistently seeing savings of 30 to 50 percent savings per shipments,” says Dill.

“You get a great shipping service for the price,” says Dill. “You never have to worry if your product will arrive damaged.”

When it comes to saving time, Dill says he can schedule a shipment through in less than five minutes.

Along with saving money and time, Dill appreciates that Freightquote always has top reliable LTL companies as the main options.

“Also there is no membership or service fee to use their platform – that is very appealing when looking for solutions to your business needs.”

Dill and MSI Packaging appreciate Freightquote because the website is easy to use and organizes shipping information in one place. He relies on the company for the regular email updates on shipments.

“You never need to ask where your product is because they let you know every step of the way.”

Finally, customer service is important to Dill; Freightquote delivers.

“If I ever have any questions, Freightquote has the best customer service I’ve ever experienced personally or professionally. For example, I had an inaccurate charge added to my freight bill once, and after contacting Freightquote, I had the money back within one day of the issue.”

Start with Freightquote Today

MSI Packaging is just one of the many companies that rely on Freightquote for all their freight shipping needs. We invite you start the quoting process and see how much you can save by using Freightquote today.