Making an impact on common freight shipping challenges.

January 4, 2018

Freight shipping can be a struggle if you don’t have a team of professionals to help you. Measuring the weight of shipments, choosing a carrier, finding ways to save money, and then tracking your shipment can prove to be overwhelming. We’ve identified some of the key challenges in freight shipping and how Freightquote by C.H. Robinson is making an impact.


Freight shipping challenges. 

Freight shipping presents many unique hurdles that often require additional help and expertise to overcome. At Freightquote, we work with shippers to get their freight to its destination quickly. One of the key challenges we encounter is time constraints. We recently worked with DollarDays to fulfill an order on a tight deadline. The challenge was overcome as we helped them expedite 47 truckloads of toys to Miami in just three days.

Another key challenge is finding drivers. In recent years, there’s been a shortage of qualified drivers to move freight, thus creating an even bigger demand for their services. The shortage is due to recent changes regarding the qualifications a driver must possess in order to legally move freight, an aging workforce, less entrants, and strict driver regulations, to name a few.

Government regulations on freight shipping is also a challenge to overcome, particularly if you aren’t well-versed in trucking industry legal parameters. Understanding legal requirements regarding things like shipping hazardous materials, weight limits, and driver qualifications is time-consuming and much more difficult to assess without a strong legal background in freight shipping.

While there are certainly other challenges associated with shipping, these are particularly common and often indicate a need for assistance.


How Freightquote makes an impact.

Our team of skilled experts assist clients with their freight shipments using the best technology. Technology is one of the factors that keeps our business moving forward, as well as our clients’ shipments. In order to track shipments, we heavily rely on our technological capabilities. These tools allow us to see exactly where a particular shipment is and when it will be arriving at the destination. Having this information gives us what we need to set up delivery appointments and keep the client informed.

Due to driver shortages, we also rely on a network of available carriers to ship freight in a timely manner. This technology allows us to quickly determine who is qualified to carry a particular freight shipment and how soon they can ship it. 


Final thoughts.

Freight shipping presents a number of diverse challenges and opportunities. We strive to take advantage of every opportunity available to better serve our customers. Working with a client like DollarDays proved to be a fantastic experience and they’ve even become the subject of our newest case study. To learn more about our services and how we assisted DollarDays on a tight deadline, read the case study.


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