What are the most common freight shipping challenges?

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When confronted with the task of having to ship freight, it’s common to be faced with a number of challenges, especially when the proper knowledge or partnerships aren’t in place. These challenges can range from personnel all the way through delivery. 

While hiccups can emerge at any time during the freight shipping process, there seems to be a select few that shippers commonly come across. 


Here’s a list of challenges we’ve seen shippers encounter time and time again: 

  1. Personnel

    As the logistics industry expands, so too does the need for talent within. As many small business owners come to realize, freight shipping can be a challenge when taken on individually. It’s important to look for ways to build a team of talented individuals or partner with a freight service provider to overcome this hurdle.  
  2. Determining the best option

    Freight can be moved from point to point in a number of different ways. While it’s convenient to have options, many shippers are overwhelmed or simply unaware of the many different choices they have. Understanding the shipping landscape could save time and money at the end of the day. 
  3. Finding the best rates

    Looking for the best freight shipping rates can be time-consuming when not equipped with the right tools or processes. Often times, shippers have contracts in place (hindering flexibility) or have to make multiple phone calls just to find the best rate for one shipment. Having a transportation management system in place could provide a solution to this problem. 
  4. Preparation and documentation

    We have seen many instances where shippers just simply aren’t prepared to take on the process. From filling out the bill of lading to identifying freight classes, one misstep can result in surcharges, delays, or customs holds when shipping internationally. Be sure to prepare yourself ahead of time with the necessary knowledge to get the job done. 
  5. Tracking

    Unfortunately, freight shipping is sometimes delayed by factors outside of anybody’s control. As a result, we have seen a number of shippers struggle to keep track of where their shipments are at a given time. Having online tracking tools in place, or partnering with a provider, is an effective way to overcome this challenge. 


Don’t let these common freight shipping challenges throw a wrench in your overall efficiency. Remember, they can be easily overcome with proper preparation and logistics partnerships.

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