Three ways to reduce shipping costs and better manage your business.

June 25, 2020
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It's not easy to manage shipping costs and keep customers happy. If parcel shipping  is the best way to send your packages, you can take a few extra steps to ensure you’re not overpaying on shipping costs. 

Here's a breakdown of shipping costs and three ways you can save money without sacrificing customer satisfaction.


Package shipping costs.

How much is shipping? The cost of shipping a package depends on a few factors, including the weight and size of the package, delivery method, fuel surcharges, additional services, and zonality.

Weight and size.

It's important to know the weight and dimensions of your package. This includes the weight of the actual package, as well as the length, width, and height.  Carriers use this information to determine the dimensional weight of the package, or the package density.

Additional services.

Do you need special services at the pick-up location, such as pick up or drop off assistance inside a location? You can pay extra for certain additional services so it's important to know the details of the shipment.

Other charges are added if your shipment contains hazardous items or requires temperature-controlled shipping.  


Three ways to save money on package shipping costs.

Now that you know the factors involved in shipping costs, it's time to learn a few tips on how to save money on shipping for your small business. 


1. Know your shipping costs.

The best way to save money on your shipping costs is to understand the costs involved. Know how much you spend and how often you ship. This way you can charge a fair amount for shipping your products and services to your customers. You can do this by using Freightquote by C.H. Robinson  to estimate the cost of shipping the package.

Another part of shipping costs is supplies. Package shipping comes with a few risks, and damage during transit is one of them. This is why it's important to invest in quality shipping materials for packages. To ship a package, you will need boxes as well as packing materials that go inside of the box. Common packing materials include peanuts, foam, and bubble wrap.


2. Check the shipping method.

You've settled on parcel shipping, but is it really the most cost-effective choice for your business? Let's take a second look at parcel shipping versus LTL shipping. It's ideal for shipping smaller items. It is also great for shipping a few items at a time. But if you find yourself shipping more items at a time, LTL shipping might be a better fit for you. It's more affordable to ship a larger quantity of smaller items on pallets and crates.

In certain cases, LTL shipping might actually save you money. For example, if your packages are odd sizes, parcel carriers might charge you additional charges for irregularly shaped items.

LTL shipping is also a more affordable option if you want to ship smaller boxes in larger volumes.


3. Compare multiple carrier quotes.

There is no reason you have to settle on a price. Instead, let carriers compete for your business.

For example, Freightquote lets you compare quotes instantly when you book your shipment online. So before you even schedule a shipment, you can easily view multiple carrier quotes and pick the best one for your business.

Ready to save on shipping? Freightquote makes it easy for you to book your shipment online. We offer instant quotes and a quick and easy booking process for small businesses. Book your shipment today.

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