Managing a multitude of shipments with project freight.

October 6, 2017

Shipping a single shipment can be stressful, but a multitude of shipments is often times chaotic for even the most organized person. Keeping track of where shipments are, how soon they’ll reach their destination, and communicating with the customers requires that the shipper does their due diligence and gets the help they need to run things smoothly. This is where project freight services can be useful.


When should shipments be treated as a project?

There are three main characteristics to consider if you aren’t sure when you should treat your shipments as project freight. Before anything else, you should consider the volume of your shipments. If you’re getting ready for a product launch and have lots of inventory to move, then you might consider project freight services. We outline the other two characteristics in our project freight white paper.


What are the benefits of using a freight service provider?

Working with a freight service provider is valuable for many reasons, but mainly because it affords you the expertise of shipping professionals. Our experts at Freightquote by C.H. Robinson help our clients save money by combining industry knowledge with the use of tracking technology.


What should you expect when facing a freight project?

There are several things you can expect with project freight. Whenever you work with Freightquote on project freight, you can expect to have a team of professionals built around your needs. This team will include logistics experts, carrier specialists, coordinators, and other analysts.

You should also expect to have a close relationship with the carrier of your freight. Communication throughout your project is key to a successful outcome and we find that having a great relationship with carriers encourages a positive outcome. We outline other additional freight expectations in the project freight whitepaper for your convenience.


Final thoughts.

Project freight shipping can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Read our Project freight: Managing a multitude of shipments whitepaper for an in-depth look at the process and key factors that fuel success. 

Project freight: Managing a multitude of shipments

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