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What is dry van shipping?

A dry van is a standard, non-refrigerated trailer that protects goods from outside elements such as weather, dust, and theft. It is the most common type of trailer used in the freight transportation industry.

Widely used for its versatility and cost-effectiveness, dry van shipping is suitable for transporting goods that do not require special temperature conditions and do not need specific handling requirements. Dry van trailers can be easily loaded and unloaded at warehouses, distribution centers, or shipping ports.

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Explore more advantages of dry van transportation

Looking for a reliable and efficient solution for transporting dry goods? Look no further. The advantages of dry van trucking are clear:

  • Convenient: Loading and unloading dry vans is straightforward with access from the rear or sides.
  • Cost-effective: Since there are minimal specialized requirements, dry van freight shipping is often the most affordable option.
  • Secure: The enclosed design of dry vans provides protects your cargo from theft and damage.
  • Versatile: Dry van trailers can transport a wide range of goods, making them suitable for various industries and cargo types.

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