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Flatbed shipments are ideal for freight that cannot be safely loaded into a dry van. The most crucial step in transporting flatbed freight is understanding the specific details of your shipment.

Whether you need flatbed, step deck or RGN services, our team of dedicated experts can help you plan and execute your flatbed shipment. We can help you access equipment to ship partial or full load freight, with the flexibility and scalability to serve businesses small or large.

Benefits of flatbed shipping with Freightquote® by C.H. Robinson

  • Quote flatbed rates at your convenience in our online tool
  • Online 24/7 access to tracking and tracing
  • Expertise and available capacity to drive cost savings
  • Industry-leading visibility and reporting
  • Expedited and flatbed LTL services
  • Access to most equipment including step decks, double drops, RGNs, over dimensional and overweight

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Flatbed freight shipping

Answers to your common flatbed shipping questions

What are the typical dimensions of a flatbed trailer?

A legal flatbed trailer is typically 48’ long and 8.5’ wide, with varying deck length for step decks, double drops and removable goose necks (RGNs). When loading a flatbed trailer, shippers need to be aware of the maximum height and width allowed on roads. Our helpful flatbed transportation experts can guide you through those determinations.

What are common types of flatbed trailers?

Legal flatbeds, step decks, double drops and RGNs are some of the most common flatbed trailers used for shipping.

Are tarps required for all flatbed shipments?

Not all flatbed loads require a tarp. With this in mind, it’s important to find a truck that is properly appointed should you need one.

How are products loaded and unloaded onto flatbeds?

The process to load flatbed shipments is dependent upon the particulars of the shipping location and the type of cargo being handled. If your goods require the use of a crane for loading, take steps to ensure the appropriate equipment is available when your truck arrives for the most efficient operation.

Are additional accessories required when shipping via flatbed?

Similar to tarps, the required use of items like chains or corner protectors should be conveyed when booking the shipment. This way, your freight service provider can help designate the appropriate truck for your shipment. Request tarps, straps, and other tie-down equipment when quoting your flatbed rates.

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