How Protect from Freeze LTL services keep goods protected.

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When the winter chill sets in across the United States, it's not hard to see how the cold might impact freight shipments. When cargo is temperature-sensitive, but still has to move, Protect from Freeze services are the answer.


What is Protect from Freeze LTL?

Protect from Freeze is a service many LTL carriers provide to keep goods that can freeze at the shipper's desired temperature. Commodities such as chemicals, paints, glues, liquids, wine, alcohol, perishable food and batteries need to maintain an above freezing temperature throughout transit to maintain quality.


How does it work? 

Using Protect from Freeze services, the cargo is sheltered from the outside conditions using heated trailers, heat shelters and blankets to ensure the freight does not freeze in transit. By consistently monitoring the outside temperature and the temperature of your freight, your freight will stay warmer than 32 degrees.


How do I get started?

Protect from Freeze LTL services are not offered by every carrier. Leverage your freight service provider’s expertise to find a contract carrier that meets the shipment’s requirements. Make sure to provide the commodity type and temperature requirements in addition to the standard shipment details. Your dedicated freight professional will be able to help you pick a contract carrier that will take the proper precautions to get your temperature-sensitive cargo safely to its destination.

Also, each carrier has different limitations of liabilities for handing freight under freeze protection. Review these options with your service provider as well to make sure your cargo is covered at the desired level.

Some carriers may not be able to offer a freeze protection guarantee in cases of extreme cold and will place an embargo on this service until temperatures rise slightly. Frieghtquote's powerful, easy-to-use self-service shipping tools provide access to the most accurate shipping information available, helping you maximize your efficiency when shipping freight in extreme cold.

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