Expedited shipping: Answering the 5 most common questions

June 2, 2019

When you have goods that need to be delivered, there's no time to waste. Especially when PwC's Global Consumer Insights Survey indicates that expectations for fast, flexible and reliable shipments are higher than ever. The good news for shippers is that shipping doesn’t have to be hard and time constraints are exactly why you may be interested in expedited shipping.

Unfamiliar with the concept? In this post, we'll take a look at the most common questions surrounding expedited shipping in an effort to help you decide when this option is a fit.


What is expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping is a method of shipping freight that ensures goods arrive faster than regular transit times.

To fast-track the process, trucks carrying expedited goods rarely stop along the way. Expedited shipments move directly from pickup to delivery. Typically, trucking companies offering this rapid service will move shipments in a single truck with two drivers who work in shifts to decrease the transit time.


How fast is expedited shipping?

Think of it this way -- if it would usually take five days to receive your shipment, anything less than that would be expedited. However, while it varies on the company, the average expedited shipping time is between 2-3 days, saving a day or two when compared to standard shipping. 

To help streamline delivery and ensure a fast experience, we recommend shippers consider the following: 

  • Rates. Expedited shipping rates can run higher than standard rates. An online freight service provider can help ensure you are getting the best and most competitive rates for your shipment.  
  • Online Tracking. Make sure the carrier you use allows you to track your shipment. This way, you can see where your shipment is and get ahead of any problems that may arise. 
  • Shipping Options. Understanding your shipping options is important. Will the shipment sit on one truck or two? Do you need a full truck or only partial? 

Proper preparation can go a long way and a 3PL company can help plan and execute the delivery.


Is expedited shipping worth the added cost?

If you need freight delivered within a strict time frame, then yes, expedited shipping is worth the cost. Regardless of size, all shipments can be expedited when there is urgency involved.

Here are some examples of when expedited freight shipping is a viable option:

  • A medical facility in need of emergency tools and supplies.
  • Manufacturing deadline that requires timely inventory replenishment.
  • When critical machinery breaks down at a mining facility, parts are needed to maintain operations.

The above scenarios are typical, but expedited services can be used whenever you have a need for express delivery. The extra cost provides the advantages of speed, less handling, real-time delivery updates and additional security of your goods.


What are the logistics involved in expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping typically involves only one mode of transportation, shortening transit times. With expedited freight shipping, you can usually track the shipment at any given time. This luxury gives you peace of mind, knowing the urgent shipment is on track.

Freight companies will help in the logistics of shipping from start to finish. Online quoting tools provide you with up-to-date freight shipping rates from a variety of carriers with an array of service levels - allowing for the most effective process.


Does Freightquote by C.H. Robinson offer expedited freight shipping?

Freightquote's expedited LTL shipping services help you when you need freight to arrive, fast. Your freight delivers when it is needed. Freightquote can offer LTL expedited freight quotes with regular quotes so you can easily compare. Freightquote can also service your expedited full truckload shipments.

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