Customer Testimonial: Freightquote + Anthem Brewing

August 19, 2020

“I use Freightquote by C.H. Robinson because they have competitive pricing and great service,” says Alan Musser, Owner and CEO of Anthem Brewing. “As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on freight shipping. Our products are scheduled to pick up in minutes instead of taking an hour to call 5 companies, and then waiting for them to respond back on quotes.”

Our Customer

Founded in 2011, Anthem Brewing is an American craft brewery located in Oklahoma. The brewery offers year-round craft beers as well as seasonal beers featuring a wide range of styles and flavors. The company stands out for its world-class beers as well as the unique artwork featured on the cans.

The Challenge of Freight Shipping

Anthem Brewing sources all types of materials to create their beers, from bottles and hops to fruit infusions. The small business needed a reliable freight service provider that could guarantee shipments in a fast timeframe and at an affordable price.

Musser was the one in charge of finding a new freight shipping service provider.

Important considerations included:

  • Simple shipping management process
  • A fast quoting and pricing comparison tool
  • Fast shipment times
  • Ability to choose the carrier you want
  • Ability to choose shipping times
  • Reliability

The Freightquote Solution

Today, Anthem Brewing relies on Freightquote’s self-service freight shipping tool to schedule and ship the materials they need to create their beers. Alan uses the tool to compare carrier prices, choose the carrier he wants, and select how fast he needs it to be shipped. This simple-to-use tool is web-based and mobile-friendly, making it possible for him to manage shipping using his cellphone or tablet.

The Results

By using Freightquote, Anthem Brewery is able to save time and money on freight shipping.

In a recent interview with StarTribune, he said Freightquote is “simple to use and helpful in managing his shipping costs.”

According to the article, he uses Freightquote for ordering everything from a “labeling machine from a craft brewer in Vancouver” to “1,200 pounds of apple puree from Michigan.”

Freightquote recently added temperature-controlled freight shipping options, making it possible for Anthem Brewing to order and receive fresh perishables such as fruit on time and undamaged.

Saving Time on Shipping With Freightquote

In the past, Alan used to manually contact each carrier for a quote. Then, he’d have to wait for them to respond back with prices before he could make a decision. This manual process is not uncommon for many small business owners and takes up hours of time.

However, Freightquote’s self-service tool has speed up this process. Now, he can get quotes from leading, high-quality carriers instantly. Using the same tool, he can select the carrier and price he wants and schedule his products to be picked up in minutes instead of hours.

Reliability During Uncertain Times

In addition to saving time and money, Alan found Freightquote to be a reliable freight shipping partner during the coronavirus pandemic.

“During COVID, we have to be even more diligent about where we purchase our products, and how we get them to our business,” says Alan. “Using Freightquote allows us to choose which carrier handles our product, which gives us comfort, while still getting the best rates, and being able to choose how fast we need it shipped.”

He adds, “When they say they are going to get it here in 2 days, it happens.”

Experience Small Business Freight Shipping with Freightquote

Anthem Brewery is one of many companies that rely on Freightquote for their freight shipping needs. Are you a small business owner looking to streamline your shipping efforts? We invite you to use our self-service tool today – with no obligation to sign up.