What Freight Carrier is Right for Your Business?

November 1, 2022
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Freight carriers are the critical component between products and customers, the pathway connecting freight with its intended destination. How do you find carriers that offer everything you need for logistical success? We have a few ideas to help you in your search, including features that define the best carriers for your business.

Quality at a Fair Price

Price is often the bottom line for choosing your carrier, but it’s also important to consider the quality of the service you’re getting and the speed of delivery to expect. Every business’s supply chain has unique limitations and demands that may make it worthwhile to consider higher quality services that will deliver products to customers as quickly as possible. With a strong carrier network, you can find options that offer lower transit times, more direct transport routes, a better reputation for reliability, and a higher frequency of trucks available for shipping. Whatever your supply chain needs, access timely and efficient services at the most competitive rates from freight solution providers like Freightquote® by C.H. Robinson.

Capacity in a Competitive Market

It’s no secret that there are fluctuations between supply and demand for freight carrier capacity. Further complicating things is the fact that different carriers have various strengths within the geographical locations in which they operate. When you’re a small business that doesn’t have the benefit of consistent, profitable loads that major retail chains do, it can be difficult to find contracted rates. Avoid the high costs of the spot quote market by making the most of reliable freight brokers who can connect you to carriers with the available shipping capacity you need.

Reliability Customers Trust

How do you build an image of timeliness and reliability around your brand? Most customers don’t distinguish between the carrier and the business providing the goods, making delivery an important part of the customer experience. When you pay for carriers that use better processes to move freight and that have a reputation for reliability, it reflects well on your brand and products, which could lead to more business and profitability.

Sustainability and Stability Over Time

Investing in a stable freight carrier is a must for consistent transportation services. In the worst case, a cheaper but less stable carrier can go out of business, leaving you to restart the carrier selection process. How can you tell if a carrier is stable? A few warning signs appear when the services they offer on paper aren’t what businesses ultimately receive. Freightquote looks at metrics like on-time percentages, damage rates, and bid adherences. Frequent, high-quality transportation management system (TMS) updates and communications are also trademarks of a reliable carrier.

Start Shipping with Carriers Best for Your Business

Find carriers that meet the needs of your business for the lowest available rates using Freightquote’s services. We’re dedicated to helping you find vetted, high-quality freight carriers that will enhance your brand experience and provide reliable service across the country. Watch our video below to see how to choose a carrier with confidence.


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