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August 7, 2012
partial truckload
Partial truckload shipping is an under-utilized mode of transportation that avoids the cross-docking of LTL shipments and can lead to the big savings and fast transit times of full truckload shipping.

This shipping method can be a solution for those shippers that face a conundrum with mid-sized shipments on a daily basis. These shippers often only consider a less than truckload or a full truckload carrier. 

June 1, 2012
bright orange truck
One of the greatest challenges shippers in America face is staying on top of the ever-changing truckload shipping market. Whether it’s industry-wide issues like driver shortages and market regulations, or seasonal shipping increases like Christmas tree season in the Northwest and produce season in the Southeast, changes in the market can directly affect shippers across the country.

October 19, 2009
truck at port
Freightquote assists many customers in arranging domestic and international intermodal shipping. This simply means that the freight is shipping via several different modes of transportation. Domestic intermodal shipping generally consists of rail and truck freight carriage. In international shipments, intermodal freight can be carried by any combination of truck, rail, air and ocean-going carriers.
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