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Freight class and density calculator.

Determining the right freight class can save you both time and money. We’ve created an easy-to-use calculator to help you choose the right freight class and accurately plan your shipment.

Why do you need to know your freight’s density? Based on a shipment's dimensions and weight, density is one factor that influences freight classification. Typically, a shipment with lower density has a higher freight classification. See which class your freight falls into: 

Freight class reference chart.

Freight Density
(in lbs per cubic foot)
Freight Class
Less than 1 400
1 but less than 2 300
2 but less than 4 250
4 but less than 6 150
6 but less than 8 125
8 but less than 10 100
10 but less than 12 92.5
12 but less than 15 85
Over 15 70

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