LTL freight shipping. 

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Instant less than truckload (LTL) freight shipping quotes.

How many hours do you spend comparing carriers and rates? Instead of managing freight by yourself, share the load with us. We make quoting less than truckload (LTL) freight shipments fast and easy. Get a list of competitive shipping rates from LTL contract carriers with our self-service online tools, or work directly with a freight shipping expert who will help you every step of the way.

For heavy or large LTL shipments, it may be cost-effective to consider volume services or partial truckload. Regardless of the service you choose, you’ll benefit from access to our shipping experts and online tools to plan, execute and track your shipping.

Time-sensitive shipment?

We offer expedited and guaranteed services.

We can also accommodate services beyond typical dock-to-dock transportation including; liftgates, non-commercial shipping, notification options and inside pickup and delivery. 

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Benefits of LTL shipping with Freightquote.

  • Easily compare LTL shipping quotes from the nation’s best contract carriers
  • Pick from options like same or next-day LTL shipping, expedited delivery and guaranteed services
  • Receive solutions for your project freight
  • Experience the convenience of a dedicated freight expert to assist you every step of the way

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What is LTL freight shipping?

Customized freight solutions.

Your business is unique. We can create a plan designed to meet your company goals and designated service-level.

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Partial truckload freight services.

Find a partial truckload option that fits based on your budget, transit or handling requirements.

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Expedited freight shipping.

When you have time-sensitive freight, we have choices to help you get it there on time within your budget.

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