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How do you protect your shipment from damage?

Worried about shipping an expensive product? We understand. That’s why we offer shippers interest insurance, an optional insurance policy that protects your shipment from loss or damage during transit.

It’s quick and easy to get shippers insurance with Freightquote by C.H. Robinson. Simply add it to your order when you book online.

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Here’s a look at this freight insurance and why it’s one of the best ways to mitigate the risks of physical loss or damage to a shipment.


What is shippers interest insurance coverage?

We are proud to offer shippers interest insurance coverage as a value-added service to our online shipping experience.

So, what is shippers interest insurance?

Shippers interest is an optional insurance policy that protects you when a package is lost or damaged during shipment.

Since it’s optional, not all freight service providers offer this policy to customers. We are unique because our quoting tool automatically calculates premiums and conditions based on the product value entered. So, it’s quick and easy to get the peace of mind you want when shipping expensive products. 


Shippers interest insurance versus a cargo policy.

How is shippers insurance different than carrier liability insurance?

Carriers are responsible for cargo legal liability during shipment. So if something happens to a product, carriers may pay for the damages. The problem is that some claims may be denied due to such things as an Act of God, for example. Or worse, the amount that’s paid is limited to a per pound amount which is less than the declared amount of the product.

However, shippers insurance is meant to reduce the potential gaps in coverage and simplify the claims process for you.


Who needs shippers interest insurance?

Not everyone needs shippers insurance. To qualify for this type of policy, your freight charges must be between $500 and $100,000 USD. 

The cost of a shippers interest insurance policy.

How is shippers interest insurance calculated? Coverage is based on the product’s value. The deductible is $500, unless otherwise specified.


Benefits of shippers interest insurance.

Unlike our competitors, we also have a simple booking platform that allows you to sign up for your insurance in one convenient place, instead of having to navigate to another website. We know how valuable your time is and the importance of ensuring your shipments are moving safely and on schedule. It pays to plan ahead with the right insurance policy. 

Shippers insurance offers:

  • Protection from risk of loss or damage
  • Protection against the Act of God common law exception
  • Full product value including freight costs, when properly declared
  • Convenient and quick claims resolutions
  • Fully documented claims are usually paid out in 30 to 45 days
  • Without shippers interest insurance, claims can take up to 120 days to resolve


How to buy shippers interest insurance through Freightquote.

It’s quick and simple to buy shippers interest insurance through Freightquote. 
  • Step 1: Start a new quote.
  • Step 2: Select a carrier to move your shipment.
  • Step 3: Enter your product value – This should be your actual cost of goods.
  • Step 4: Select, “Yes, add to my shipment.”  

When you book your shipment and select your quote, you receive a resource guide with details on the coverage and how to file a claim in the event of a loss. You will also receive a copy of the complete policy with terms and conditions. This means transparent coverage.

For other helpful resources and coverage details on shippers interest insurance, check out the links below:

Shippers Interest Resource Guide  Shippers Interest Infographic


As always, our experts are standing by if you need assistance during any step of this process.

Get the shipping protection you need when you book your shipment today.

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