How to Use a Freight Terminal Safely During Covid-19

May 26, 2020

Although the global pandemic has impacted small businesses, many of them are still open for business and shipping products to customers.

If you’re one of these companies, you’re probably trying to find ways to cut costs while also satisfying your customers.

One way to do this is by using a freight terminal to pick up or drop off your packages for shipment.

What is a freight terminal? A freight terminal, or a carrier terminal, is a designated facility where carriers can organize shipments and route them to the proper destination. All major carriers have hundreds of terminals across the U.S. and Canada and any of these locations can be pick up or drop off points for your shipments. Doing so can save you the additional accessorial fees. It can also save you time and provide flexibility.

Though it’s safe to use a freight terminal during this time, you should still take a few extra precautions before you head off to your nearest location.

How to Pick Up or Drop Off Your Packages Safely

If you’ve decided to pick up or drop off your packages at a freight terminal, we can help. Freightquote by C.H. Robinson gives you the freedom to ship how and when you want. With the option to use a freight terminal, you now have more freedom than ever to move freight your way.

Here are three easy steps to picking up and dropping off packages at your nearest freight terminal:

  1. Arrange a carrier terminal drop off and/or pickup
  2. Bring the proper information
  3. Keep the rules of Covid-19 top of mind

Arrange a Carrier Terminal Drop Off and/or Pickup

It’s quick and easy to arrange a drop off or pick up with Freightquote. We have a built-in freight terminal locator that instantly provides you with addresses of facilities near you. Make sure you adhere to the hours of operation based on the terminal you select.

Using our online tool, you can choose to use a terminal location for your drop off or pick up destination. With just a few details about your packages, you’ll receive instant quotes from leading carriers. Simply book the carrier and rate you want, and we’ll locate the nearest freight drop off locations. - Ensure your items are packaged, palletized or crated securely prior to drop-off.

Bring the Proper Information

When it’s time to pick up your package, remember to bring the right documentation with you. You’ll need photo I.D., bill of lading (BOL), PRO number for the shipment and a vehicle to haul away your shipment and any straps necessary to secure the load.

Wear Your Covid-19 Protective Gear

If you're planning to visit one of the many freight drop off locations, keep the rules of social distancing top of mind: Wear a mask, wear gloves, don't stand within 6 feet of others if you can help it (though you'll probably have to get a little closer to the person handling your packages), bring your own pen to sign any paperwork, and wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Using a freight terminal is an easy way for small businesses to save money while serving their customers. But, like so many things these days, it should be done with a little extra caution. Use Freightquote to get instant quotes, book your shipments, access a freight terminal locator, and manage your shipments online.