Improving the customer experience with help from technology.

July 27, 2018

The customer experience is often at the forefront of a business’ success. Taking the steps needed to make sure a customer is satisfied with an experience can be difficult, but a good portion of that has to do with how you’re allocating your time and energy.

With the help of technology like application programming interfaces (APIs), you can improve the customer experience and drive sales while allocating time to other aspects of the business.


The need for accurate shipping quotes.

Providing accurate shipping quotes in a timely manner is an important element of the customer experience. If a customer doesn’t feel as though they have received the best quote possible, they could end up taking their business elsewhere.

We recently began working with, an authorized retailer for more than 20 tank and barrel manufacturers. The ecommerce method they had in place simply wasn’t working, and their sales were the first to take a hit. When realized they were in need of some serious logistical help, they came to us. 

Whereas had previously been calculating every shipping order manually, we were able to help them implement LTL best practices and our API technology into their website. This change resulted in sales quadrupling for


Using APIs to boost the customer experience. 

Introducing an API makes everyday tasks easier on your staff, and provides a strong boost to the customer experience. When quotes are curated manually, valuable time is spent on something that could be done in a snap instead of on the customer.

APIs, on the other hand, offer shipping quotes automatically, so you can focus on delivering the best customer service possible. Plus, when the overall process goes faster, so can your sales.


Taking the next steps.

As with just about every step of the shipping process, pairing up with a freight service provider could help you use an API to the best of your advantage. As we do with, one of our experts here at Freightquote by C.H. Robinson can handle whatever unexpected challenges that may arise while our technology handles the bulk of the work. To learn more about the technology and services that we’ve used with, read our case study. 





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