4 ways freight service providers deliver competitive shipping rates.

May 12, 2016

When your customers are relying on you to move goods quickly, you're likely short on the time needed to scour the expansive market for the best shipping rates. However, shippers can usually depend on freight service providers for convenience and competitive freight shipping rates.

Turning to a freight service provider can lessen your load and allow you to focus on your customers and products.

Here are some of the ways working with a freight service provider can maximize your transportation budget when it comes to securing the best rates:

  • Volume Discounts
  • Choices
  • Information Technology
  • Industry Expertise


1. Volume discounts.

It's likely a freight service provider has more freight to move than a single company. Service providers may be able to obtain bigger discount rates than individual companies since they are combining the shipping volume of multiple businesses.

In addition, most providers can turn to relationships they've already built within their network of contract carriers to access and compare rates for you. That may be a faster choice than individually contacting multiple shipping solutions.


2. Choices.

Working with a freight service provider gives you the power to choose:

  • How you communicate and work together (online or directly with a freight expert)
  • From multiple contract carriers
  • Based on service level
  • Based on price

A reliable freight service may offer online tools so that you can choose self-service and access real-time online quotes, which save you time (and money).

Online features also give you the advantage of comparing prices within one intuitive website - making it simple to choose the most efficient solution and price to match your shipping needs.


3. Information technology.

With constant technological advances, freight service providers have the capability to adjust and provide visibility to unforeseen events while freight is in transit. Technological enhancements also benefit the industry as a whole. Trucking companies now have the ability to quickly fix maintenance issues like brakes or tires before they become more costly to repair later.

Tracking software powered by information technology can save companies money in the long run by addressing some unexpected roadblocks such as bad weather, accidents or traffic early on through real-time status updates.

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) enables service providers to access exact data even faster - giving you back invaluable time needed to serve customers, work on products and improve the bottom line.


4. Industry expertise.

Freight shipping is a dynamic industry with ever-changing regulations, market trends and customer needs. Service providers stay up to date with industry patterns and the latest technology - lightening up the load for you to pay more attention to your customers and products.

Outsourcing logistics to experts gives you access to a team of committed freight professionals with deep industry knowledge. Onboarding a service provider also adds an extra layer of protection in avoiding costly mistakes. Trained specialists equip themselves to know the intricacies of the business so you don't have to exhaust your own resources.


Final thoughts.

While there are many ways a freight service provider can help you find the most competitive shipping rates through a connected network with valuable resources, you still have the choice of using self-service eCommerce business tools or a dedicated freight professional both backed by a whole team - leaving you in the driver's seat of your freight shipment.


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