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You can put instant freight quotes where you need them. Whether it’s on your website for customers to buy freight-weighted items or in your internal applications to improve efficiencies for your team. With our API and e-commerce tools, you can easily add automated freight quoting, shipping and tracking to your website or applications. 

We offer freight shipping plugins for top e-commerce shopping carts and an API for custom integration with your website or internal systems as well as a cut and paste widget for freight rate calculation.These tools have helped hundreds of businesses simplify their logistics processes, saving them valuable time and money. It's a smart way to improve your customers' experiences and grow your bottom line. 

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Custom API integration.

Add automated freight quotes, booking and tracking to custom e-commerce websites or your internal systems. Use our API to create exactly what you need. Freightquote by C.H Robinson is happy to answer any questions and guide the way. Our API is fast, reliable and provides competitive rates. 

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Shopping cart extensions.

Our tools include modules for popular shopping carts like 3dcart and Magento plus many more. Simply download and install the software, follow the directions and you’ll have freight shipping rates included on your site in no time.

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Shipping calculator widget.

We offer a free freight shipping widget for instant shipping quotes on items you sell online. You provide a little information and we provide you with a code snippet to paste into your website. Your customers will have the freight rate information they need to complete purchases – improving their shopping experiences and your conversion rates.

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Below is an example of how the widget will appear on your website. You can click through this demo and preview how your customers will interact with the widget.

Note: Prices displayed in this demo widget are for display purposes only. When your company creates a widget, real pricing will appear.

Freight calculator

Freight calculator

Rates are subject to change based on time of calculation and data entered.

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Do you have a shipment to book?

Receive free, instant quotes with our online freight rate calculator. Automate the entire process from BOL creation to shipment tracking.

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Enterprise Transportation Management System (eTMS)

Create efficiencies for your business when you implement Enterprise TMS.

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Customized freight solutions

Your business is unique. We can create a plan designed to meet your company goals and designated service-level.

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Freight shipping services

Automated freight quoting, booking and tracking free for your LTL, truckload, intermodal and expedited shipping.

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