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Connect your Etsy account with a free Freightquote account and get hassle-free shipping and our Lowest Price Guarantee. Terms and conditions apply.

etsy integration with Freightquote by C.H. Robinson

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Get the best freight rates on everything from packages to pallets. Save 50% on your first order when you connect your Etsy account to your Freightquote account.*

Los Angeles to Chicago

Prices from
$85.49 50% savings
70lb. package L: 18" W: 18" H: 23"

San Francisco to New York

Prices from
$128.00 50% savings
115lb. package L: 30" W: 18" H: 30"

Dallas to Charlotte

Prices from
$364.00 50% savings
300lb. package L: 58" W: 40" H: 40"

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Why ship with Freightquote?

Instant quotes, great rates | Freightquote

Instant quotes, great rates

Get a quote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and easily compare rates from the highest-quality carriers in the business.

No sign-up, no hassles | Freightquote

Hassle free shipping

With easy account integration, you're only a few clicks away from finding and booking your fastest, most affordable option.

Track shipments in a snap | Freightquote

Track shipments in a snap

We send proactive shipment alerts every step of the way, so you always know where your packages are an when they've reached your buyers.

Integration made simple

Watch this how-to video

Connecting your Etsy and Freightquote accounts makes it easy to manage your orders and create new shipments.

Watch the video to see how it works.

Etsy integration | Freightquote  by C.H. Robinson

Step 1: Sign In

Get started by signing in to your account at

Click on Accounts in the upper right corner, then select Integrations from the dropdown list.

Etsy integration with Freightquote: Step 1

Step 2: Connect

On the Integrations page, click Connect Etsy store. This will navigate you to Sign in yo your seller account and review the terms. Then click Allow Accounts to complete the integration and return to your Freightquote account.

Etsy integration with Freightquote: Step 2

Step 3: Manage

You should now see View my Etsy orders under Your marketplaces on the Integrations page. Click the button to see all your open orders and start shipping!

Etsy integration with Freightquote: Step 3


  • Alan Musser

    Owner/CEO | Anthem Brewing

    I use Freightquote by C.H. Robinson because they have competitive pricing and great service. Freightquote allows us to choose which carrier handles our product which gives us comfort, while still getting the best rates, and being able to choose how fast we need it shipped.

  • Garrett Dill

    Production Manager | MSI Packaging

    With Freightquote, we started saving 50-70% on our freight costs overnight. It is quick and simple to go online, and get multiple quotes to compare all at once.

  • Kathy Young

    Administrative Assistant | Tower Inspection

    Time is of the essence and Freightquote is our go-to for jobs we bid on in the U.S. Your company helps us with not only freight movement, but also quote information and pricing within minutes when we are preparing proposals for possible future job assignments.

Simplified shipping starts here

Now you can get an end-to-end shipping solution — instant quotes, competitive rates, easy integration and more — in one powerful package. Power up your Etsy shop with Freightquote by C.H. Robinson.
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*Limited time offer. Connecting your Etsy account to a Freightquote account is required in order to save 50% on your first order.

Shipping services are provided by C.H. Robinson, and not affiliated with Etsy, Inc. or its affiliates.