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Alaska freight rates Freight shipping rates in Alaska can sometimes be expensive due to the lack of roads and the sheer size of the state. Thankfully, most of the freight is located at the major port and in the cities. The Port of Anchorage is the major freight hub of the state. Freight rates leaving Alaska are almost always cheaper, especially refrigerated trucking rates, since most food is imported from the outside. LTL freight rates in Alaska are calculated on a stable tariff and do not usually increase or decrease based on seasonality. However, shipping less than truckload to Alaska is generally more expensive.

Missouri freight rates Missouri, in the Midwest region, is a great location for freight shipping. Being located directly in the middle of the U.S. gives Missouri freight rates an advantage, especially for LTL freight shipping. Intermodal freight rates are great due to the railways that run through the state. The ease and cost of shipping into or out of Missouri can be heavily based on proximity to major metro areas.