How to Choose a Freight Shipping Company

August 12, 2020

As a small business owner, you’re looking for a freight service provider that makes shipping simple and affordable. You also want one that tailors to small businesses. But what does a small business freight service provider really mean?

At Freightquote by C.H. Robinson, it means a lot. A small business freight service provider means that we have the tools, resources, and services designed especially for small businesses. We know the time and resource challenges a small business may face if you choose to contact carriers and negotiate your own rates. Most small businesses don’t have a giant shipping and logistics department, which may mean you are searching for tips on how to package and ship freight via crates and pallets. In many cases, these activities are not consistent for small business or could even be the very first time.

Whether you’re new to freight shipping or a seasoned logistics manager, Freightquote masters shipping for small business in the following ways:

  1. Stability when it matters most
  2. High quality carriers with competitive rates
  3. Self-service shipping tools
  4. Access to logistics experts

In our experience, we’ve found it’s more efficient to work with more than one freight carrier. This approach keeps you open to the best shipping solutions for your products. It also makes them compete for your business by lowering their costs.

The challenge, however, is trying to manage relationships with multiple carriers. If you’re a small business owner, you don’t have the time or resources to stay on top of these relationships, let alone negotiate the best rates. This is why many SMBs go with a third-party freight shipping company that can do the work on their behalf.

For example, Freightquote by C.H. Robinson works closely with 78,000 vetted, high-quality carriers. We regularly rate these carriers, so we only work with those that provide reliable service time and time again.

Tip: Find out how many carriers the company works with and how they choose them.

The Best Online Freight Shipping Tools for SMBs

Along with carrier capacity, a small business needs modern freight shipping tools that fit into their daily workflows. Today’s freight shipping companies should offer these tools alongside customer support.

Here are just some of the benefits of our online tool our customers use daily:

No Sign Up Quoting

We’re proud to offer an easy-to-use quoting tool that allows you to see freight shipping rates for the products you need to ship. Use this tool daily without even signing in!

Compare Competitive Rates from High-quality Carriers

Don’t get locked into a single carrier or quote. With our online tool, you can easily compare rates and carriers for the products you need to ship. We provide quotes for LTL , truckload, and parcel shipments.

Freight Booking Tool

Once you find a rate and carrier that meets your needs and budget, you can use the same tool to book your shipments.

Shipment Tracking

We anticipate your need and provide proactive shipment alerts so you can track your shipment until its final destination.

Tip: Look for a freight shipping company such as Freightquote that offers all these features in a single tool.

What is Expert Freight Support? What to Expect


Today’s leading freight service providers should offer more than just online tools for comparing quotes and booking shipments. You need a reliable company that can also provide expert support when you need it. Expert support means the ability to speak with a real freight shipping expert.

For example, Freightquote has teams of freight experts on hand who are available to answer any questions or help you determine the best strategy for your small business shipping needs. Many of our customers rely on Freightquote as an extension of their business, and we’re proud of this.

Tip: Reputation goes a long way. Read customer testimonials and discover what other companies are saying about customer service and support.

Freight Shipping Services Designed with Small Businesses in Mind

Freightquote is unique because we cater to small businesses, but we have the stability and resources of C.H. Robinson, one of the largest freight service providers in the world. This means that every single small business we work with receives the same treatment as the larger corporations. Your get the same low rates, and your customers will come to depend on you for the reliable shipping services you provide, every time.

Tip: Find a freight shipping company with technology and services designed for SMBs.

Now that you know four tips on how to select the right freight services provider, we invite you to learn more about Freightquote, or start quoting today.