How Freightquote Supports Small Businesses on Small Business Saturday

November 17, 2021

Every year, on the day after Black Friday, we come together to celebrate and support small businesses. This day, known as Small Business Saturday, encourages us all to focus our attention on the businesses that give back to, and are a part of, their cities, communities and towns.

While it's important that we support small businesses on Small Business Saturday, what's really important is that we stand up for small businesses every day. At Freightquote®, we work hard to ensure that small businesses have access to all the best freight rates and services that major corporations have, whether or not it's Small Business Saturday.

What We Do to Support Small Businesses Year Round

As with any holiday, companies often pop in to support small businesses and then forget about them after Small Business Saturday is over. At Freightquote, our services were designed with small businesses in mind.

Take our quoting tool for instance. This helpful tool links small businesses to experienced carriers with the push of a button. We enable these companies to take advantage of our extensive carrier network to receive the same freight rates that major companies are able to secure. By enabling small business owners to access these rates, and do so hassle-free, they're able to save money and time to focus on the day-to-day tasks of small business management.

But we offer small businesses more than just great freight quotes. We also offer a variety of shipping services that can help managers and owners take more items off their plate. Some of the services we offer include less than truckload shipping (LTL) and parcel shipping. Both of these services can help you find a way to get your goods where they need to go for a price that you're sure to love.


What We're Doing for Small Business Saturday in 2021

Of course, just because we support small businesses year round doesn't mean that we skip right on by Small Business Saturday. Every year we share our thanks with our small business customers.

This year, we're offering a $50 discount on shipping from 11/22/ to 12/3. During this period of time, you can take advantage of promotional pricing and discover just how much time and money you can save by working with Freightquote.

Take Advantage of Our Small Business Saturday Promotion Now!

If you've been wondering how your small business can take the next step towards a smooth logistics process, there's never been a better time than now to work with Freightquote. Grab your discount to see for yourself how working with Freightquote can help you smooth out the wrinkles in your logistics efforts while saving you time and money.


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